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They’re looking for a new commercial manager? So Stephen R is gone then …


Anyone hear of this crowd ? It popped up on my twitter feed , a re tweet by Richard Branson.Thought they were some illuminate group only we know who they are . Mary Robinson a member


Yes I’ve heard of this group - an eminent and senior group of save the planet people … who will have their work cut out thanks to an orange elder elsewhere without a shred of a brain …


Listen, thats all very well, but what did they think of the Connolly incident ?


huge concerns about it as it has led to a marked increase in hot air and looks like it will run and run all summer. Its a major environmental incident


Seen the movie, In Search of the Elder People




Justin Trudeau being presented with a Dublin jersey by Ciaran Kilkenny :thumbsup:


So will there be two less bodhrans on the Hill ? Maybe Leo should send Trudeau some of those loons along with the bodhrans …


All they need is a bag of cans! Sorted…


Trudeau is saying…

“Hey Leo, is that a cipÍn in your phoca or are you just happy to see me?”


The panelist’s take on the Cody incident on TSG last night was in sharp contrast with the way Spillane dealt with Dermo. Also just goes to show how stupid the 12 week thing is too, if Cody does get 12 weeks he probably won’t miss a training session, never mind a match compared to Demo’s possible 3 champo games.


Any mention of the Harrison incident on TSG last night or are those tackles now ok once it’s not Dermo/ a Dublin player ?


Yup, they said it was extremely dangerous and should have been red. They also showed COC striking a Clare defender.


Can retrospective action be handed out or was it seen with and dealt by the referee at the time?


Why would anyone want O’Connor banned? Better to have him playing. He’s even missing easy frees now. Much rather see him on the pitch tbh.


I don’t want him banned. I’d miss his tantrums too much. There’s very little entertainment in sport these days.


Think he’s the top scorer in the championship so far … he scored 12 points against Derry too or something… without him, Mayo would most likely be on holidays now.


2 from play …


Not sure why that would matter, somebody has to kick them and I don’t know if Mayo have too many others who can place kick. Deano’s return from play is poor too but we’d be lost without him.