Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Parkinson. Amateur bluffer looking for crumbs to make himself relevant. hate to see any of the panel talking to the little shitebag on his gick podcast.


Amazing how empty headed these gobsh1tes can be - slagging counties and being jack the lad smart Alec about teams and managers and players and then expecting those same lads to take part in their inane programmes …


Just lets hope the little bearded freakshow has a short shelf life. Had a quick look through his twitter account and a lot of that is going to come back and bite him in the bollocks. Colm does realise that the market place for arsehole GAA commentators is jammed packed with less sufferable arseholes and the KMM?


do any of them actually give the prat any interviews? didnt they give him the finger on twitter?


They should just tweet him pictures of their AI Winners medals. Will be the closest that gobdaw ever comes to one


He’s from the say something ‘controversial’ and get noticed school of media-ocrity. Tabloid crap for the short attention span end of the market. Its a departure from the overblown pompous stuff that he was involved with on “Off the Bile” on college radio.

Mind you, Joe Duffy has made a career from this sort of mullarkey so somewhere there is probably a crayon eater hanging on wollys every utterance.


I think a few of the dub lads have been on his podcast. Did he not have one of podcasts from a Dublin Club last year? I could be wrong.


Brigids rings a bell??? It’s a bit like lads in here giving out sh!te about them … and then listening to the show … :smirk:

Picking up the Indo by mistake (cough, cough) in McDs is relatively understandable …


Dermo did one a while back. Well worth listening to. Connolly came across really well and got plenty of digs in on Wooly and the circus in general.


Love your work. ‘Crayon-eater’ :smile:


Thats what led to the national conspiracy to take him down! :confounded:


cheers, I’ll have a quick scoot for it. Though it will kill me to listen to c¨ntyballs wally.



AH stop ffs


I reckon they will have to check that there are no horseshoes hidden in the Zimmer frames …


What’s really funny is the illogic nonsense from the media of how Jim Gavin has ‘reignited the controversy’. He hasn’t. He made his point, expressed his unhappiness of what went down and that’s it. The same media will revel in a week or two of self-perpetuating controversy. Jim Gavin has more likely moved on.


Your username has never been more appropriate!


Niall McGarry , owner of the Joe online stuff on his offer to support the hire of a commercial manager for Mayo GAA

#992 owner a Mayo man, it doesn’t show!


It’s it noteworthy that a businessman from X county wishes to support his county team? (wow that’s never happened before…)
Seems like he is looking for kudos for something he hasn’t even done yet.