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Another article on sports joe whinging about poor Pat being vicitimsed. :roll_eyes:

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Ah there’s Woodward and Bernstein.


Like this …



Brolly on The Throw In podcast discussing the weekends fallout .



Good read , it glosses over a few issues . Val Andrews is funny though .


A bit of a scattergun article but plenty of interesting things in it.
Last Sundays game in Croker I think basically had the 30000 core Dublin support. What’s striking is the large amount of female support. Also the big number of entire families. All classes and none!


Good in parts - Val must be getting EU subvention for the land …

Ballymun and Finglas are next door neighbours with similar demographics but look at the difference. A huge factor is the underage setups and people in the schools - they can make such a difference.

Funnily Dublin has a very large working class support. I also notice a push towards rugby from parents who wouldn’t have even been at a Wesley disco … and imo it’s all to do with perceived status. When most of the kids get to 15/16 they won’t be playing any more.


Interesting topic, and some good theories by McWilliams and Val.

Mind you, the two footballers of the year previous to the most recent two named in the article are sons of an ESB worker, and born on the Navan Rd.

Think it’s all cycical though, like everything else. The likes of McCarthy and McMahon are inspiring another generation behind them, and no doubt there are coaches working hard in Tallaght etc to rectify the current lack of representation from those areas.


Funny I have the opposite news.

From being involved in rugby from a young age- parents are putting their kids into GAA clubs in their droves with the concussion risks in rugby. Clontarf GAA a case study. Unfortunately I have some involved in rugby - one is particularily good unfortunately.

but it’s the sport you want everyone else’s kids to play. Unless you’re a professional - after 18 why would you play it?


Hopefully. But one thing I often think about Isles is that there seemed to be no bounce from the great team of the mud 90s

Another factor in this is that lads in a lot of clubs in the suburbs couldn’t afford to buy houses in their home areas and ended up miles away … even in other counties - who will ultimately get a bounce from this …


That’s what I’m saying B. Lots of our u10, 11, 12 playing rugby - most have no connection to the game. I reckon we’ll get them back at 14, 15 or 16 when their mates unfortunately get a few horrible injuries. But for some it’s just to say ‘oh yaw my Johnny plays rugby.’


I think this was particularly a problem with Isles, as I think a lot of their great 90’s team ended up moving away and getting involved with other clubs (who their children would go on to play for).

As for the overall argument, hasn’t GAA always been more of a middle class game in Dublin, or at the very least it has been for the last 20-30 years.


True LR, seen it this year. 8 lads rejoined u.9s from rugby. All parents said due to concussion fear.


The rugby issue re concussion was raised by Val during the compilation of the article but didn’t make the final cut when I was chatting to the author about it.


I see Scruff Knacker Parkinson was denied an interview with Ciaran Kilkenny today. Scruff is such a shit stirrer on twitter, so are his colleagues, Ewan ddickhead McKenna, John Judas Fogarty the off the boil crowd too. Plenty of stick flying back at them.

Also Galway Manager agrees with Jim -


Ciaran would be as well going in to the local Primary School in Castleknock and chatting to 5th class before they finish up. He’d have a much more articulate and intelligent conversation …