Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


I can see a logic behind those things, but I don’t think the 20 minutes or whatever at training that they wear them will be of any help. Developing a skill takes 100s of hours, not a few minutes twice a week


WTF happened there?!


Dunno TL. All I heard was that the guy on the bike was someone called Comey and some guy called Trump was driving the car.


He boots the car then it freaks out. Gas looking.


I’d say the car cut him up earlier … but a motorbike should never pick a row with a car …


Looks like the car might have drifted across the median, possibly dozing or pissed.


Poor bloke in the pick up … typically that would be me!


Driving along, listening to Mary Wilson on Drive Time.


More likely fell asleep listening to Sarah McInerney and Chris Donoghue argue over their world view on Newstalk … change the dial indeed!


Pair of feckin aul ones those two.


Breakfast is similar … Hook is a parody … Yates pontificating from his high horse … despite turning everything he has ever touched to stone …


That Munster rugby guy, Quinlan. Jaysus.


History show at the weekend can be alright.


Yes a thing of the past … but actually good …Patrick Geoghegan is it?


Something like that. Never thought i’d say it but pat the plank is a Voice of reason in these crazy times.


Ha ha ha but you’re not wrong …


He is what he is but at least he’s got a brain.


Newstalk was great until it went nationwide.


Val Andrews comedy commenting at Dublin games would put a smile on death row prisoners face :blush:.
Nationwide it’s just full of bluffers and Ger Gllroy forgot the little people a long time


You leave sexy voiced Sarah alone