Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


He said nothing that wasn’t said on here.

Still amazed that people think anything said on here or other media has a big impact on the outcome of disciplinary proceeding.



In fairness, the general consensus, even on here, was that Kerry were the team of the previous few decades, with the exception of the Tyrone 7/8 years of dominance, yet they were still there/thereabouts in the frame. They are the ex-players that will be in demand. Also, it must be admitted, they are good at the meeeja thing, they sound deeeeshent in front of the mic!

I couldn’t give a rats arse who is on the national media at all, not any more. You know why? We are the team who they all love to hate. That makes us successful. I’m happy with that!


Well I count three on the national airways. Whelo and Mossy. and Whacker on the hill Senan. Who am I missing?

Al Brogan and Curraner in the papers?


Charlie Redmond, Bealo, Collie Moran, Ray Cosgrove, Pillar,




Well that’s fairly obvious , he shouldn’t have said anything at all .


One for JJF’s Xmas stocking … disgusted I won’t have it for my poolside reading next month …


Jeeze ye gotta see this!!!


Looks like your man on the bike wasn’t for stopping at the scene of the accident either…


Tommy Carr…

Is Coman Goggins still doing a bit with TG4 too?


Does Sensn count ?


Mick O’Keeffe has been on Sunday Off the Ball Paper Review a few times. Does anyone know how many games did he play for Dublin? Comes across well, I liked him anyway.


He played a couple championship games under Tommy Carr in 1999


Chuck Norris rides a Harley…


Can’t wait. I wonder will he sign it gooch the greatest player of his generation or indeed any generation for me?


Only to himself.



If that AH Parkinson says they are sh1te they must be good.

I think the British Army wear them a lot because they are always accused of occlusion …


Parkinson correct. More money wasted that could be spent on actual games development.


An oxymoron Alan … an oxymoron …