Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Hayes has a long track record of talking rubbish. I’d take it with s pinch of salt.


Hope you don’t mind me saying Tayto, but I think your old photo had more… authority.


this is more me … dont you judge me man!


Don’t like it either. It’s like chalk and cheese (and onion) to the last one.


More Tango than Tayto


one mans salt is another mans vinegar. If tayto wants to flash of his new avatar thats fine by me. the filthy animal.


Positively Trumpesque!


who the hell is :laughing:


Looking good Tayto, all that crossfit training paying off. :blush:


Rock(salt) on Tayto! No sign of any of those nasty wrinkles or crinkles either, and loving the bit of chest. There’s only one King of the Crisps, and it ain’t King!






Marc O’She had a nice antidote about Diarmuid today , something along the lines that Dublin players seem to get nose bleeds & lose the run of themselves when playing outside of Croker. This rivival of smart comments by ex Kerry footballers sees no bounds at this stage .


They got their 12 week Dermo antidote alright …,


Did he have any more yarns from his days with Paudi that he and the other O Se’s would like to share on national papers radio and television ? We could do with hearing a few more


I loved that time they did the video of one of the stories …


yeah, every where ya look theres a kerryman giving his opinion. You could trek through the most dense jungle know to man and be dying of starvation and cut the last branch to discover some ex kerry smart arse footballer be sitting there giving ‘his’ opinion. So what are we up to now with Kerry repepresnation in the national media?

O’Se x3 (thank fuck there is no more for a generation)
Bomber Liston
Numpty features Keane
Michale Quirke
Dara Ó Cinnéide
Aodán Mac Gearailt
Paul Galvin
Colm Cooper

So I definitely Proportional Representation for the KOTF.


There’s more than a few Dubs spouting shite too in fairness.


On national tv and non tabloid papers ?
There aren’t many dubs Alan

I’ve no issue with Kerry lads opinions for the tabloid kerrymen but ex Kerry players are all over national broadcasts and the national papers and too many of them


Difference is they don’t stab one of their own in the back like a certain one of ours…