Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Keep the receipts …


I’d rather go out in me nip.


Jaysus every where I look the gooch is there. Ffs Kerry ex footballers ‘experts’ are like those bleeding fidget spinners, they are on sale everywhere.



Don’t talk to me about ordering a fidget spinner, damn autocorrect . :thinking::thinking::thinking:


My eyes are burnt after looking at that! :joy::joy::joy:


He’s a better player then you ever were Colm


Good man Gooch, you tell us how it is, how to be better, and how to play football. One day we might aspire to get a bit closer to your greatness. Oh, and suits you sir.

Navyseal, holy mother of God, Jaysus and all the bleedin saints preserve us!! :scream: And on a Sunday!!! :sob:



I thought a witch hunt ended when the witch was lynched?


Some pretty shocking and personal stuff in that. Will he ever get around to itemising the card count and conduct of some of the Meath choir boys in his day?


I didn’t even open it. ■■■■ him and his 2 cents per click … the royal ■■■■.


Dead fucking right. Ginger boy can keep his and his Ciarrai opinion to himself.


A royal CAUC


Liam couldn’t lace his boots


4 All Irelands, 2 club All Irelands. I think he is achieving what he wants, perhaps he doesn’t aspire to a seat in RTE.


Hayes couldn’t lace his own boots the stupid ■■■■. Arsehole of the highest order.


Poor Liam, the lesser Royal.


Hayes played on a team full of violent thugs, I assume he holds his former team mates in equally low esteem… poor Liam is no longer relevant as a journalist so all that is left for him is to vomit up this “wont someone please think of the children” shite to online publications


That’s disgraceful. Pathetic. With a bit of luck we meet Meath this year and absolutely batter them off the park.