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Neither of those goals were outrageous pieces of bad fortune, a back tripping as up he hand passes and lets a forward in is bad luck, Full backs kicking the ball into their own net is just what happens when they’re caught napping

Be a bit like me claiming that the saves from Rocks attempts on goal were just outrageous bad luck for Dublin :grin:


Certain journos won’t be happy with this honest from the Carlow gaffer


They are adament that bastic picked the ball straight off the ground when cluxton kicked it out to him about 20 metres from goal in the last play of the game ,had a look back it on you tube and when I seen it though " oh ■■■■ ’


Was that '13 or '16 . I know the incident but can’t remember which year .


Last year’s draw. He did seem to pick it up but he was clobbered at the same time and both players were injured. All water under the bridge now.


Ah yes , ah sure add it to their list of grievances…


I was right above that incident in the Upper Hogan and Regan poleaxed Bastick so if anything it was a free out. Look, they had their luck when Aidan swan dived v Fermanagh.

They’ll win an All Ireland when they earn it not “deserve” it…


No comparison at all. A ball that ricochets around on a wet pitch in a crowded parallelogram and ends up in the back of the net, after a missed shot from a forward, is a freak. The backs did not “kick the ball into their own net” as you put it, and it wasn’t by dint of poor defending either, in neither case did they have any control whatsoever over the freakish and very fast deflections that the ball took.

The first one just squirts across and hits the guy on the shin before he has time to react, the second one is actually bouncing out away from goal when it collides with the back who again has no control over it and no time to react. It’s all clear as day if you look at the replays, those kind of bounces and deflections are one in a thousand and no back, no matter how good, could have done anything about them.


I agree 100% but this is a discussion about what actually happened in that drawn game, and I was responding to the revision. I’m not saying Mayo would have won but people saying they didn’t because of missed chances and Dublin doing well, whilst completely ignoring the huge impact of two utter fluke goals in a low-scoring game beggars belief.


A Certain Brazil based journo evidently on the sauce sniping at Brogan and Dublin. Chap is fucking obsessed.


I’d say berno gives a monkeys :monkey:


Tweet him a picture of an al Ireland medal and offer to have his picture taken with it for free


The chap has issues.


He must be using Wikipedia for his source for information .BB has played 54 championship games for Dublin :slight_smile:


‘He didn’t punch a player, he didn’t walk on anyone. He takes far more abuse than he dishes out’
Class footballer , class act .


pull him up on Twitter, his trumpesque ego means he responds.


Not on twitter. Although speaking of Trumpesque when he’s not bleating about Dublin and Berno he’s arguing with Rednecks about Trump


Glutton for punishment, must have too much time on his hands


Good interview with Anthony Daly on Second Captains. Its over an hour long. I’ve only listened to half of it so far so it hasn’t covered his Dublin days.


Lovely Gooch … lovely. Why should those Dubs get all the filthy lucre … he must be going out later for a game of snooker.