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What sort of fcuking brainless eejits have we in this country


Don’t worry there’ll be someone along to tell those little fuckers that its not really there fault. Part of the problem in this country is too much molly coddling little shits like this and therefore not suffering consequences


Brainless isn’t the word. Per the article - One of them left their bank card behind :joy::joy:


Hopefully enough on the card to cover the repair costs :joy::joy:


As per usual in the Nanny State the transgressors will be caught ,mainly because the are gobshites and if charged and found guilty will be given a proper scolding and sent on their merry way to sin no more.


To be honest I was driving down last night and heard he was coming on to give his opinion on this weekends Gaa action, , I was calling him an orange umpa lumpa before he even spoke .

But to be fair he spoke well of Gavin , Dublin and Connolly . I nearly felt guilty for name calling him . :grinning:


More like he couldn’t lie on his sunbed with all the excitement :joy::joy:


Never feel guilty for calling him names. Ever. Unless yer ma tells ya you have to.


He’s a slieveen of the highest order, to coin a song lyric, “don’t be taken in by his big wide grin”, the tangerine twat. Clearly taking the piss with that Diarmo comment


Well, after that result and performance everything has changed for our man in Brazil. He’s seen the future with the Kerry juggernaut…



It wasn’t the lowest attendance at a Spring Series game. I remember suffering through a horrible wet night against Down in front of about 11,000.


Yeah I remember that. Ronan Kerr was killed that evening too.


This could be good …


That’s deadly, hopefully they’ll add a lot more games to it.


Mayo and Donegal have never been best of buddies. Brady is always a clown and his timing is designed to cause shite - but Cassidy shouldn’t have bothered … drink and social media … no good.



Pathetic by Brady. Would have good time for Cassidy as one few pundits to say positive things about this Dublin team. Felt for him missing out in 2012 on Donegal success but his Ulster club medal more than makes up for that. He adapted well to new role at full forward and was well able to play with back to the goal.


Great stuff there. Watched the 1969 final tonight, a poor enough game in which Kerry beat Offaly by 10 points to 7 but I remember being at it as I sold the programmes before hand. ( Did any other Ressers do that ?)
The famous Mick O’Connell was playing for Kerry.
At the end there is a very nasty high around the neck challenge on a Kerry player - well worth a look.


Jaysus @Snowcat … you’re no kitten! I used to sell programmes at Dalyer in the mid 70s. The official rate was 1p for a 15p programme … but I always worked on 3p - because I was worth it! :joy: