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Dr Ed Coughlan…a top man.


Was he lad on Mayo line that had to be dragged off the pitch at end of Mayo/Kerry game in 2014?


Good to hear that might seek out the podcast. Surprised at off the boil that they did not get someone else from mayo to shore up their numbers. Still donaghy could potentially make interesting listening if he can leave his bias at his county border.


Worked with GC in his first year as hurling manager


Think so…I’ll have to look back…I’ve nwver watched that game back…too painful.


It was around 1:00 in this video. Anthony Maher grabbed him by the neck


That’s him alright. Jesus I’m in bad form watching the Everton city game and seeing that clip has depressed me more…thanks for that :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:


I forgot that was on. Are City hanging in there?


Over . Everton 0 City 2


Oh didn’t expect that.


And Everton fans cheering the second city goal…Jesus even Liverpool didn’t try to deny United the title in 1994 v Blackburn. Anyway this game doesent decide the title…but the way the media are hyping it up and blip by Liverpool is now seen as Armageddon


You’re a Mayo & Liverpool fan?? Oh dear oh dear :joy::joy:


Is this that chap in Brazil? Moaning since he was 10 by the looks of things! :joy:

So much for privilege, nepotism and elitism in rugby. :joy: Gas!


The hypocrite. Banging on about level playing field and there was his rte golden circle daddy getting him on the radio ahead of all the other ‘seven year house robbers from dublin’’ make ya fucking want to puke. Left of centre me bollix.


Oh Christ so he was always at it! And of course, Mooney as mentor wouldn’t have helped. The little shit has had it handed to him all the way, can’t cope with anybody or anything not going his way. Ireland’s Rees-Mogg


i wish my daddy had been a commissiong editor in RTE, but alas he was a builders labourer. Thems the breaks, I guess.



Parkinson had Tom Ryan on. He correctly mentioned that Croke Park fully fund GDOs. At least the Laois fella admits to not being sure while our overseas expert is apoplectic at this. He doesn’t even know the very basics. Laughable.


Oh FFS. Build a bleedin’ bridge and get over … never mind.


“I was going to have my dinner this evening and I couldn’t eat when I heard Diarmuid Connolly might be coming back to play Gaelic football. I’d be absolutely thrilled if that is the case.”

What a piss-taker!