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No Clues!!!


Todd who?


because Paddy Mulligan is a former soccer player who played at the highest level in England and with Ireland it does not follow that he must be ignorant of Gaelic games. In fact he is a guy who, when he returned to this Country, got involved at back room level with the Galway footballers and later with clubs in Dublin where he managed a team at senior football level ( St Patricks Palmerstown) for a while in the 90s.
He is still a regular GAA follower and can be seen at intercounty games up and down the country.


Fair enough. You sure you don’t mean Eoin Mulligan? He played at the top level in the UK and for his country too! :wink:


I travel all over the country too but I don’t get any invites from Ireland AM for my expert analysis.

Just googled Mulligan to see was there any mention of his GAA heritage, I can’t find anything but did find this (It’s from Wiki so may not be true) :grinning:

He also applied to manage the Irish national team, but lost out to Eoin Hand by a single vote. One FAI committee member later said he had voted against Mulligan because he thought Mulligan had thrown a bun at him on a past away trip.[5]


No it’s true alright read it elsewhere and very believable given the FAI


It sounds like a story my 6 year old comes home with a few times a week.

“Holly isn’t my best friend any more because she threw a bun at me” :slight_smile:


If a bird threw buns at me, I wouldn’t let her out of my sight.

Youth is wasted on the young


Won’t be going to games in Casement any time soon …


Nothing will happen with the redevelopment without ministers in place.


Great to see. Limerick team warm down with kids last night.

The more I see of this group between their celebrations post AI, their approach to league after AI win, the lack of cup in pubs and their public utterances in general, they’re real deal and brilliant ambassadors for GAA. Kiely is top class manager and guy as well. His words to team post AI to not be the guys who look back and regret the AI are striking and so true.

Back to back in hurling given the standard amongst the top 6 is incredibly hard but can’t see them not adding 2 or so in next 5 years.


Fantastic to see, fair play to them they appear to be real idols for kids down there.


Great to see they are reaping the rewards of following Jim Gavin & his players(a footballing coach and squad)'s philosophy.




The kids seem to be looking at them and wondering " Jesus I thought they could run faster than this" :laughing:


Apparently when that video ended JP arrived with a €100 note and a goodie bag with a Rolex for each of the kids.


I like to see the kids on the field etc. (did all that start in Parnell? I think so). But I have a bit of a pain in me hole with people sharing pictures of it. It’s kids playing on a field - it’s not a wonder of the world.


In Mayo they pay the parents grants to get loads of kids running around the fields.


Mayo.for Sam now according off the boil. Can someone tell me who the muck Savage commentating at the minute?

I think it’s donaghy.


It is indeed donkey himself.

Was listening also to Game On on 2fm. Very good discussion with former S&C coach with Mayo. Dr Ed Collins I think is his name. Really interesting discussion & hugely positive re Dublin approach, culture and re Jim Gavin. What a breath of fresh air to hear objective, positive review of what Dublin GAA & this team have achieved.

Very interesting also re his take on Mayo during his time with James Horan and what followed with Holmes & Connolly. And now how how it might work with Horan back.

Wants Dublin to win 5 in a row to confirm their dynasty & their greatness. The two presenters your man from Laois & Cawley engaged positively with no stupid snide remarks. Great bit of sports radio for a change.