Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


I’m not against things like this ordinarily but when they absolutely clash with a GAA event with the potential to adversely affect it then I think clubs should be a little more aware.


Am I missing something?

Egg chasing is at 16:45

Gods own Dubs are at 19:00

Watch the first half of the garrison game (if that’s your thing) and then off to HQ to watch the AI champs batter the tribesmen…


Specifically pointing out that half time refreshments will be provided is not really pushing people out the door to Croker. Also Dublin ladies are on at 5.00pm.


It’s not unique when commentating on Dublin…it’s all over reaction in the moment. Sure Mayo loose a game and we are finished…gone off the cliff…

Man Utd we’re finished 6 weeks ago…Liverpool had the title over Xmas…see where I am going with this? It’s the social media generation and pundits are not professional anymore.


Were they ever …


well, yes, which is why i mentioned that kerry match.

however, it is at all levels within GAA media now - you can have the “top” GAA writers in the indo/times/examiner at it as well.

you expect it with UK tabloid coverage of soccer, which is like something out of the Beano and which covers so many games and team each day. in contrast GAA coverage was traditionally on a higher level and assumed a level of literacy and thought.


They get paid for being unprofessional, the opposite to GAA players.


Another problem is we have people who know fook all about the sport given platforms to talk about it.

Two examples - Kimmage on Newstalk and Alan Cawley on RTE (Who I listened to telling us all how robotic and devoid of emotion Jim Gavin was last year)

Both of these were on primetime radio with big listenership.


Talking about Jim Gavins “emotions” is not sports journalism. Leave that shite to Barry Egan and his pals in the Indo society page.


Alan Cawleys voice makes me want to put my fist through the radio…he doesent even know anything about his own sport soccer




His only claim to fame was as a bench warmer for Shels when they won the league in 2004.


Paddy Mulligan on Ireland AM is another spoofer who gets to offer his view on GAA, :man_facepalming:


And actually speaking of Ireland AM, 2 years ago one of the Newstalk Presenters was on it previewing the AI Quarter Finals … and towards the end of his analysis, he was asked “and who will each of these teams play in the Semi Finals if they win this weekend?” …

The presenter hadn’t a clue and just said, “actually I’m not sure, I just take it one game at a time…”

Imagine being brought on to preview an AI QF and not knowing how the SF line up worked… :open_mouth:

The Analysts name escapes me but I’ll think of it.


Alan Quinlan probably


You missed that AI Champs are in action at 17:00 :wink:


Andy Riley?
Desmond Doyle?
George Byrne?
David Nicholson?
Declan Lynch?
Ken Sweeney?
Neil Hannon?
Keith Cullen?
Ciaran Donnelly?
Mick McEvoy?
Jack White?
Henry Bigbigging?
Hank Tree?
Hiroshima Twinkie?
Stig Bubblecard?
Johnny Hellzapoppin’ ?
Luke Duke?
Billy Ferry?
Chewy Louie?


You left out Todd Unctuous!


Bodkin Van Horn?
Sunny Jim?
Moon Face?
Marvin O’Gravel Balloon Face?
Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate…?


We still had to list
John Hoop,
Hairycake Linehan,
Rebulah Conundrum,
Peewee Stairmaster,
Jemima Racktool,
Jerry Twig,
Spodo Komodo and
Cannabranna Lammer.

before Todd …