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Was only thinking of him recently, I’m sure he would have been delighted with our assault on five in a row.
Also hope civic authorities or DCB will in the future come up with something to mark the contribution he made to the lives of Dubliners.


Think it was said on here before that the family don’t want a big fuss made about him




It starts.
After one game in the league, Eamonn Sweeney in the Indo questioning the Dubs hunger, ability to defend a high ball etc… He also seems to be unaware that the new rules do not apply to the championship. Look forward to him eating his words in September!!


Hey Eamonn


Yeah read Sweeney’s article … v v poor journalism …




Ah DIH ya crack me up! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


But but what about the population, what about the millions in sponsorship … why oh why is not working, first the obyrne cup now the league :sob::sob::sob:


I’ve mentioned before that the very poor general quality of GAA journalism really sells the sport short.

A writer will adopt a position and passionately endorse it as being an essential truth which cannot be altered and which will determine the rest of the season until the very next match when their arguments are completely dismantled.

We dont have to go far back into the memory bank to find it- two years ago before that semi final the GAA media en masse was of the opinion that we wouldn’t know what was going to hit us - Tyrone would do a donegal on us, Mickey was in the long grass, Jim wouldnt be able to react. Three championship matches since - 3-0 to us and two more all irelands.

You dont even have to wait that long - three (or four) years ago round one of the NFL, Saturday night, Kerry in kilarney against someone. Kerry blitzerd them in the first half. RTE radio commentator had not only the match, but the league, the munster and the all Ireland heading back to kerry and he was almost wetting himself.

Second half, Kerry clung on to draw. Commentator completely ignored every single thing he said first half, dutiful dessie in the studio didnt ask him about it.

And so on to Bernard Flynn on RTE radio on Sunday. As you can expect he was very happy, and got happier as the match went on. Comerford is no Cluxton he said - but of course Cluxton was no Cluxton for most of his career either - and as would be expected he was very quick to write the death notice of the dublin team.

A team who are two weeks off the plane and have done two sessions, who had two harsh sin bins imposed (even the portlaose prat says they werent black cards) and fielded some degree of inexperienced players still only lost by three points. There was indeed a lesson there, Bernard, and ya missed it.

We’ll see what is written if we beat Galway and how literally everything said sunday afternoon and yesterday is ignored in true GAA media style.


I think there is an underlying running theme in all this … wishful thinking.


A Benard Flynn. The little perm tan boy who cried wolf, but the wolf ignored him as he was over cooked. And now that perma-tan little boy cries me me me me me all the time.


If I’m driving on Sunday and he comes on the radio I have to turn it off. Can’t stand him.


Good to see Plunketts encouraging people to go to Croker and support the Dubs ladies and men …

And all the talk here that rugby gets much more coverage and profile than GAA!!! Hardly any wonder when you have a GAA club cheerleading for the oval ball.

PRO needs a talking to here.


That’s highly embarrassing, to be fair.
Hash tag support local? Good Jaysus.


Black or red card?


Red all day! Surely #supportlocal should be Bernard in Croker …




That goes against the constitution of the club in the rule book as far as I’m aware. You’re committed to promoting the games and our culture, not other sports. Maybe I’m reading too much into it!