Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)



Serves him right the fucking eejit.


Great finish all the same




He’s the Galway keeper is he not? Clown.


Is O’Mahony still a guard or is this his day job now ?


"Media cutting jobs all over.

Social media adding jobs all over.

There’s a rapid acceleration in what amounts to introversion and closed mindedness, basically giving people what they want rather than what they sometimes need. The dumbing down gets worse and worse."

You have to hand it to ewan - he spotted this gap in the market early and has exploited it for all he’s got ever since.

He’s right about Sharopova, though.


Had to laugh at that tweet alright. Putting himself out there as some puyeyor of truth.


Yerra Yerra Yerra Tomas


He’s right though


Probably so but still wouldn’t write them off completely just like the Germans in the Soccer


Outside of teams in munster ,teams are no longer in fear of kerry .Had a look at the kerry forum today and they played laois in a challenge game cpl days ago and they got beaten badly , yeah i know its a nothing game but…



Of all the Kerry pundits I’d have a bit of time for Tomás.
Always gives Dublin credit where its due anyway.
I think he is calling a spade a spade here.
One thing running amok at minor level but there is a gigantic leap to senior and the vast majority of Kerry’s last 5? minor teams will never pull on a senior jersey.
Granted if they get even 2 from each group thats 10 quality players but they still have to go and do it. And they are trying to take down possibly the greatest team of all time. A team hell bent on removing the word “possibly” from the previous sentence.
I’ll sleep easy this year knowing that Kerry won’t be the team to do it.


Bunch of precious c*nts

Conor Pope is such a wanker


They’ll fly any flag you want over City Hall though.

This is why the Left are not taken seriously.


Ridiculous…will they be taking the flags down from the quays? I remember driving into Dublin up along the Liffey the eve before an all Ireland a a mayo man climbing up one of the poles to plant a Mayo flag…all in good fun.

Maybe Dublin city council and cops should be more concerned with getting rid of the lowlifes along the Liffey boardwalk rather than a Dublin gaa banner


[quote=“mayoman, post:8866, topic:250, full:true”] …up along the Liffey the eve before an all Ireland and a mayo man climbing up one of the poles…

… more concerned with getting rid of the lowlifes along the Liffey boardwalk…

Did you make the same point twice?


Very good Jaden…I’ll give you that one :wink:


The great man gone 6 years today