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you mentioned earlier on the thread that your under 30 @mayoman

Which means you were 16 at most when you walked out of the 2006 final and started talking to a Kerry man

Are both facts true ?


I am 29 so I was 17 in 2006.


It’s a big thing to walk out of a final as a 17 year old with ten to go. I’m just curious that’s all


I thought you were about 56.


Tough paper round.


Graveyard shift in a Saigon tittie bar.




My friend was with me…we had a naggin of vodka to polish off before we go back on da train…:wink: those were da days


No thankfully not…I’m wise for a 29 year old though…30 this year


It’s all down hill after 30! :grin:


And in the best years of yer life Mayoman, you’ve seen your county lose 8 All-I finals, and two semi-finals after epic replays. You won’t actually know what to do with yerself when yis win one.


Seriously @mayoman man … you gotta start acting your age dude …


30s are the new 20s man…Mayo 4 Sam :wink:


If/when ye do it, the Res Dubs lads will hire a bus to Mayo to buy you a few pints!


Just heard handpass rule is gone. Thanks be to goodness!!!


Yer all welcome to join da party if and when it happens


I’d say again we get there the beer would be all gone!


I’ve seen yis in action en masse on Camden St and surrounds the nights before All-Ire finals. It made me realise, until that I’d never really understood, as a relatively sober observer, mass-intoxication with a cocktail of 48 hours drinking, jet-lag, food deprivation, and no sleep. Its a scary thing!! :fearful:


Sounds like the last few Septembers for me. Can’t bate it!!!


En masse, as a relatively sober observer, it’s a scary thing