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I don’t have much of an issue with their supporters, although I do have friends in the county and never has one of them sent a congratulatory message after we’ve won Sam.

It’s more the players I don’t like, the O’Connor sisters are dirty sleeveens, if Aido could turn around quick enough he’d ride himself and Lee Keegan is a pre-meditated cheat of the highest order.

Oh and Cora is a vindictive arsehole too in my opinion.

@Mayoman seems alright though.


I’m robbing that line about Aido!


I wouldn’t expect much after we’ve beaten them in 3 finals . I never got anything off the brother in law :joy:


I wouldn’t mind any time they beat us I made a point of texting them and on some occasions even going back to Gill’s or Big Tree surrounded by them to have a scoop before I went off wallowing.


We all have our good eggs and bad eggs in our support.
I have cousins up there and a lot of good lads that i use to work with who i will be delighted for when they get over the line. They have wished me well and congratulated me.

On the other hand there was one bollox after 2012 - and looking at the shit he posted on facebook directly afterwards , well he could go and ■■■■ himself - so it was donegal abu for me in the final (i have cousins up there too)


You got his sister off him!!!


I received a phone call not 10 minutes after Mayo beat us in 2006 . I’ll never forget it , and it wasn’t nice either ! I never make a point a point of rubbing it in his face when I meet up with him after the finals . But every year I had to listen to the mayo for Sam shit , I just nod and say " yeah ye have a good chance " I will though congratulate him big time if they win it because after every AI loss they’ve had , it’s like a death in the family, and my poor sister has to put up with it for months afterwards . I reckon he’ll go on the beer for a solid two or three weeks if they win it.


Na , my poor sister is married to him :joy:


I don’t think Aido having a high opinion of himself is really something that would cause me to dislike him. His carry on isn’t bad, it just makes it easy to ridicule. I don’t think he’s character wise any better or worse than most. And face it, he gave us Aido’s Diary, so there’s that.

Leeroy, if he was one of ours, we’d love him. Can’t doubt his commitment to the cause. I don’t like what he does, but that doesn’t mean I don’t dislike who he is.

But yeah, ■■■ is in a league of his own when it comes to dis-likable. If he spent more time getting back to where we was from frees, and less time yakking at the ref, that would be time well spent.


Yeah Aido is grand outside of telling blatant ‘untruths’ to the media about being head butted :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think mayo are great , and hope they continue to play they way they’ve been playin since roughly around 2018 :thinking:


I’d take mayo any day over Kerry. Mayo fans for the most part have always been gracious in defeat. And I wouldn’t blame any of them that where not. But Kerry fans… can’t go there.


The atmosphere ourselves and Mayo create is brilliant,remember the 2015 semi final replay and all the dermo controversy
Theyve been a serious team over the last number of years,a few silly managerial decisions over the years in finals was a big issue,but the couple of months off wont do them any harm i dont think.

Personally I believe it will benefit them


it probably wont, but there’d probably also be a few of them better off fuckin sellin the big issue


the aul super 8’s bullshitometer - its an ill wind that blows nobody any good, as they say


As crushing as the defeats to ye have been at least you can see it means something to Dublin fans…I remember leaving early (first and last time I ever did it) with about 10 mins left in 2006 when Kerry were hammering us back over the Shannon…met a Kerry man on the way out and said are you not staying…”ah sure I want to get back to Tralee in good time”…meant deck all to him and it sickened me thinking of what it would mean to us.


Whatever bout winning trophies The standards that Mayo have reached leave most counties as an embarrassment and an example to the rest … admire them n would love to see them win one against anyone else but particularly to beat De Gaurdians


If we had suffered as many defeats as Mayo have, we’d be tough to listen to also! It’s a decent county, largely full of decent people who love Gaelic football despite all the losses. I would have them nowhere near my ‘Total ■■■■■’ file, which is reserved for Kerry in general, Donegal-people across the globe, and Galway hurling supporters!


Can I add the bitter lemons and the deluded lilies to that list? :grinning:


We’re tough to listen to no matter how we’re doing …