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Senan Connell seems to have an opinion on everything without having the need to stand over any of them. Has to be the most vacuous pundit out there. If Connolly wants to come back, and that is a big if, why in the world wouldn’t he be asked? Is it not ok anymore for a guy to opt out for a year? I thought guys were doing it up and down the country.


Connell is an irksome cheeky-chappie whose neck appears to be far more extensive than his brain. He’d be more suited to talking about soccer or something.


That the one ciaran mc smashed over a sideline ball in ?


Surly ye will let me in since I’m such a valued contributor here :wink:


Can’t remember but he did kick a point from a sideline ball in that 06 semi…in fairness 2 dubs on front of me also applauded him that day.


They were applauding Cluxton for nearly saving it.


Those were da days…when Dublin snatched defeat from the jaws of victory…:wink: unfortunately we are still stuck in that particular rut.


Ciaran McManus was absolutely gifted. Ye could do with him now.


They could’ve done with him back then n all! :wink:


We will look favourably on your application.


He wasn’t fit to lace Ciaran McDonald’s boots though.


Ciaran Mac is now involved in The Mayo Developmwnt academy…coaching u-14’s.


OKAY!!! I meant McDonald​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Just giving context to Vinnie Murphy’s tweet



When the first of the lads got a car - an old cream Avenger (heap of sh1te) we headed up North to buy beer circa ‘84. We loaded crates into the boot and headed home down an unapproved road. We had started on the Special Brew and an empty had already departed the car. Not long after a checkpoint appeared out of nowhere. Driver was telling us to shut the fcuk up - one lad was very Republican and already mumbling. A young lad our own age stuck the head in the window looking for a licence. Our driver reached for his inside pocket and the young lad got very agitated. Bit of a weird experience …sobering too - for a few more miles.


Holy jaysus guessing there wasn’t a clean pair of jocks after that :grin:



No cowboy hats full stop. Its almost as annoying being near a yahoo with a bodhran .

Everyone thinks of poor old Mayo but apart from there records in finals as a county its a Gaa hotbed. Great club teams, have produced some high quality players over the years and always play a good style of football, the only thing missing is the All Ireland win. There are many counties who have suffered with as much emigration as them would bite their arm off for to be like them. If they won in 2019 i doubt anyone would be sober enough to field a team in 2020. But seriously no more cowboy hats !


I don’t understand the constant ridiculing of Mayo.

Great football county and usually a decent battle when we play them.


Ahh, that’s a photo at the back! I thought it was a wee lad actually “in the cowboy hat” as per the previous post! :grinning:


It will continue until we win a senior all Ireland. In fairness most people on this forum are sound and any mayo slagging is in good fun. Other places like hill 16 army or Galway footballers homepage seem to have an unhealthy obsession with us. I suppose the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about at all.