Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


I don’t think too many people will have an issue with that either.


I agree 100% but the decision could be out of their hands. If there’s a risk of crowd safety and traffic chaos around Donnycarney the Gardaí may not OK it. As far as I’m aware they have a big say in the scheduling of games.


If we get them in the Super 8’s again we should nominate PUC. Lets see if Smart mouthed cùnts are content with that


Once it was all ticket, and it would be, here wouldn’t be an issue with the Gardaí.


Shame, but prob for the best.


They are obsessed with us. Will be a complete meltdown when we do the 5 in a row :trophy::trophy::trophy::trophy::trophy:


Totally agree. Imagine the whinging and outrage when it is announced no tickets for sale to general public as Season ticket and Parnell Pass holders will fill the Nell to capacity. I love it, bring it on.


Can you imagine the cauldron that would be in the summer.

Consider the opposition team in that situation. If they didn’t have the fear of Zeus in them before they ran out on pitch, they’d have it about 10 seconds after they ran onto the pitch.

A wall of blue on four sides that would make anything Trump could even dream of look like a kerb.


And zero away tickets for the opposing county board to sell.


I’m sure the need to hold a few games in the white elephant by the Lee will have no bearing on this.


Opposing season ticket holders would have to be accomodated, if we were to play Mayo in the Nell (will never happen) the crowd would be near enough to 50-50


Remember us playing ye in the NFL there around 04/05?


How many season ticket holders would we have ? More than the capacity of Parnell? Therefore there would be none for an away team.


Let’s not be total c*nts, we’ll provide tickets to the first 50 yahoos who submit photos of themselves in cowboy hats.


I have no real issue with this as long as we are ‘losing’ our home game at Croke Park. I would love to see a Super 8 Championship game in Parnell Park. It may mean not everyone can go (didn’t Kildare limit Mayo tickets last year?) and HQ would take a large financial hit but if it shuts the moany fcukers up let’s do it.


Some of the headlines are ridiculous. Saw a link somewhere “Connolly in headlines wrong reasons” It was a click bait article about Senan Connell reckoned he wouldn’t be playing this year. The independent and hoganstand&42(which attracts nasty people comments pages) are running daily articles on Connolly which is disgraceful as is amateur player.


Exactly @alanoc. So don’t even comment on it. You’re only giving them oxygen.


Would they though ? Surely the DCB have more of an obligation to look after their own ST and PP holders first and foremost and it’s just tough on the opposition.


Not one to contradict himself is Jimmy… Oh wait…


Is that a recent interview? Most of that article is redundant as it is going on about the elimination of the short and medium kickout, but that rule was scrapped weeks ago. Its very poor stuff, you would have to think it is something rehashed from weeks ago.