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JD shoulda won a lot more…that’s my point.

Do you think it was a lack of ability that stopped the 7 time European order of merit winner, Colin Montgomery, from winning a major…nope…he collapsed under the pressure and having failed so often before it became the monster in his head…the hill he couldn’t climb…

@dub09 Regarding PH, I agree he potentially began to overthink his game to his detriment etc, but I was referring to his ability to close out in the heat of the battle. That is mental strength.


Harrington should have won more than he did on the back of his three Major triumphs. He was ranked 2nd in the world, I think, 2nd only to Tiger Woods. With Woods’s self-inflicted downfall, there was a void to be filled and Harrington was best placed at the time to fill it.


would you not think that harrington had probably overachieved relative to natural ability and that it was an awesome mental achievement to win what he did as opposed to saying mental toughness let him down.


100% - apparently he was only second to Vijay in terms of work ethic and just hitting literally thousands of balls.


Harrington won three majors, to say he overachieved is being disingenuous to him. Yes he has a work ethic but also ability. Good Boden man to😉


Was a journeyman for a lot of his career .

Underachievement - Sergio Garcia


Simplistic no? Mayo were 3 points down in injury time the first day, after conceding 2 heart-breaking fluke goals, and got it back. That not ‘gun to the head’ too?


Just wasn’t ready. Will win at least another 2 majors now. How many did Olazabal win, 2? Seve won 5, I think Sergio may get 4


Nah, Hairything over-achieved, then burned out. Mackerel could yet go down as an underachiever, has wasted a couple of years already Imo.

JD didn’t have the discipline, it’s part of it all, so in fact he just wasn’t good enough to win more


Completely ignores the fact Mayo haven’t got enough lads to kick big scores from play under huge pressure in the biggest games. The OSe conundrum is to drop him and bring in as a sub only if they are about level in the game with 20-25 to go.


Not a bad idea but he’s “perceived” as one of their better players & thus undropable. Did MDMA no harm coming off the bench , his more memorable games since winning POTY have been off the bench . They may as well try something new because everything else hasn’t worked . That first game last year may really haunt them in years to come , their best ever chance to win it . To win the opposition was going to have to be underperforming , we gifted it to them & they still managed to make a balls of it . Not sure what else they can do …


Not sure about Mayo’s best chance to win it last year. Fair enough around the 2 own goals being unlucky but both came as result of good Dublin play. As for the game itself Dublin had more possession, more shots and controlled the game for large parts. We didn’t play well by our own standards but Mayo never really looked good enough to win it. More focused on stopping us.


Ah we gifted it to them , we created the goal chances but there was a fair chunk of luck with the two of them . They really should have finished us off but they just didnt take their chances . Had there been a few minutes more they may very well have beaten us , momentum was with them .


Don’t remember them missing much. They only equalised in 7th minute of injury time. They weren’t good enough even with us below par. Think thats their biggest problem


Those two goals dont go in we were in a lot of bother . Anyway it doesn’t really matter now but it should be something to be worked on should they meet us again .


Oh, clearly does.

They’ve been thereabouts, an extra bit from your man might see them home.

Bringing him on late might work but any team worth their salt would put a man on him - Daly for example - agus sin sin.


Made a balls of what? 2 of the most outrageous, unstoppable pieces of bad fortune ever to happen in an All-i final? Let’s not drag this up again, to blame Mayo backs for those two goals is ridiculous.

My point anyway was they managed to salvage a draw despite those hammer blows, and despite being 3 points down on 70 minutes. Any other team was beaten, except Dublin. In a low-scoring game on a wet day they got 15 scores, Dublin got 11, two of which were undeserved freaks. Revisionism of the winners is alive and well.

Would they have won if those goals didn’t go in? That’s a whole other discussion but based on the evidence of the game itself they deserved to win


Eh @25AliveOh did you read this bit before that post :upside_down_face:


this thread is matching todays septembery weather all of a sudden

i was surprised at the o gara thing, but at the end of the day (ha!) over the two matches we played way under our best and in those 150 minutes of action Mayo led in 13 or so of them (or was it less, i have forgotten but it was not very much). forget everything else, that tells the story of the two teams.


Nope! Agree with that mostly but I’m not sure what chances you mean, they got most of their chances, and no team would have got more on a day like that. More than luck those two goals, complete freaks. The bad misses from which they came would have been bad blows to us and a huge boost to them 99 times out of a hundred, 999 times out of a thousand! We were in real trouble in that game until the first goal ricocheted in. Without those two goals we had scored one point and nothing from play until the 33rd minute