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Jeeze I obviously didn’t make it … just passing it on. Though I did hear the trophy room cleaning lady was made redundant a few years back … :wink:


Look on the bright side, look at all the money saved on brasso polish down through the years…


Good comeback @mayoman, but we’re talking about Men’s Football Titles, not Camogie and Ladies Football.


That’s an appalling record Mayoman all the same - I appreciate positivity but come on you are a massive football country with a massive support base. That’s a very poor national trophy win rate over 100 years,


It really highlights what an absolutely amazing record we have this decade (which started in 2011). It will never be done again - nobody will get next or near it … except maybe Dublin.


Don’t know about it being good for you to be alive to see Mayo win an All Ireland. That day will lead to hundreds of thousands of Mayo people world wide becoming alcoholics.
Not a Mayo man but I was in Croke Park in 1970 and again in 2002 when Mayo won National Football League titles. Am I the only person still alive who has seen them win 2 national senior titles???


I was there in ‘50 and ‘51. I was very lucky to have bought a GAA Season Ticket (club plus) in ‘51 cos tickets were as scarce as hen’s teeth.


Im not including ladies titles in that…and camogie…that does not exist in mayo


I think all the heartbreak has already driven half the county to drink :wink:


meanwhile in a galaxy far far away the theory of everything Jim McGuinness still has a very large hard on for Dublin Gaa.


It is a terrible record as regards actually winning finals, clearly it could not be worse, but it is some record to have been able to be there over such a long period of time.


I love they way they sell him as “The only manager to win a Championship game against Jim Gavin”.

Let that sink in for a goddam moment.

This is a guy who’s won Sam as a manager, but that’s not what the atricle leads with in terms of achievement. Ah no, they big the time he once defeated a Dublin team managed by Jim Gavin.

So, beating a team managed by Jim is a higher achievement than winning Sam.

What a time to be a Dub.


I though McGuinness spoke about this months ago. Though it was the same article.


The first manager to win a All Ireland semi title.


You know it’s almost time for the season to start again when there isn’t a single positive headline about the Dublin team… 3 headlines in the last 24 hours:

  • Michael Verney (No idea who he is?): ‘Gamble of bringing Connolly back may be a step too far in Dubs’ drive for five’
  • Jim McGuinness: Dublin likely to be most affected by football’s experimental rules
  • Martin Breheny: All Ireland champions Dublin to lose second Croke Park ‘Super 8’ game (Donegal the whinging wankers have proposed a motion to congress)


I personally thought that Jim solving the math behind 60 octillion tons of spherical singularities slamming together was a bigger achievement than beating us in a semi final. But then what would I know. But I am happy for Jim dining out on that victory.


If it passes - then fair enough - but the DCB should be standing firm and having the game in Parnell Park


To Nell or to Hell.


Agree. The Nell or Nowhere.


The first headline presumes that DC wants to come back. There’s no evidence of that from what I can see.