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The day the GAA signed the Sky deal was the day they legitimized them forever.


So you’re endorsing travellers in general and forrrdeners coming into our heartlands? Fi for shame!


We love playing ye in Croke Park and I think we may have even outnumbered Dublin fans or close to it in one final (much to the annoyance of some dubs but let’s not go there). Fact is Galway have a poor support base. About 1,500 Galway fans showed up to MacHale Park when they beat us in 2016 and we always outnumber them their home patch in Salthill.

God I really wanna beat em this year as they have this inferior lax attitude to supporting their footballers.


That sometimes comes with winning. :smirk:


Ye wouldn’t outnumber us if if was held fr.Collins park. Which is…er… In…coolock… West.


Or is it East :thinking:


North by Northwest.

Mayoman, Galway Gurlers seem to get better support than their footballers. Anyway Walsh is just yet another lad looking for a it of publicity at a quiet time for whatever reason.

In fairness to Mayo they’ve been the least whingey and least hooring of all our opponents bar Meath and most of the Nordies, and you could throw in Kildare most of the time except when Micko did some, and not including the arch bitter of our times, the Brazil nut


Maybe the GAA should just sell it off to pay for Cork and Galways finacial mismanagement.


Speaking of which has Pugman ever written about that or does he just focus on trying to undermine the good job JC and others in the DCB have done in relation to structures and funding.


It’s not just Dublin he resents success, he has accused practically all irish athletes of being drug cheats. When in ireland he was cold calling one at all hours of the morning trying g to prove he wasnt where he was supposed to be , it took legal intervention for him to ■■■■ off. The guys is deranged


Some people on Facebook talking about bonnybrook today. FFS just making up shit now.


I forgot about Bonnybrook. I think a long while ago part of Edenmore called “Woodbine” was known as a separate entity, or maybe that was just us.
And before Dub09 gets in, I’m going to win the cigar for the pun…


I once had a dog called Woodbine - he had no hind legs. I used to bring him out for a drag every night.


Bonnybrook Church is beside the Stardust Park


More coolock.


The GPA have a seat on Central Council. Nothing stoppin them conducting a survey of their members and bringing the results there. Did they?

Eddie Brennan was saying on the radio that some of his players will play 5 game series in 15 days when the league and Fitzgibbon starts.

I look forward to the GPA’s violent protest against same.


“Under the new agreement, which runs between 2019 and 2022, eir Sport will continue to broadcast at least two league games each weekend but four of those matches will now be simulcast by RTÉ.”



Connaught titles? National Leagues?


It’s always amusing to see we are the butt end of jokes across the country all the time…but it’s getting a bit predictable. For the record:

Senior Connacht titles: 46
Connacht u-21: 24
Connacht minor: 39

National Football league: 11

All Ireland minor titles: 5
U-21 All Ireland: 7

3 All Ireland senior titles

Since 1989 we have played in 10 senior finals, losing 8 and drawing 2…awful record I’ll admit, in just under 30 years…playing in nearly a third of all football finals.

I reckon our record is still better than many counties. It’s been some journey…would love to be alive to witness one though…if for our mental state as a Gaelic Football mad county…I know no team deserve an all Ireland but I think our supporters do.