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No I was reacting to what I saw as you throwing doubt on my evidence for Raheny over Coolock! When I was merely referring to the immediate locus of the crime, vis-a-vis the central locations of the two main areas what I was discussing, not Mrs McAloon’s gaff at number 568 just off the Tonlegee Rd… :stuck_out_tongue:


This was my first post on it, Al. It wasn’t directed at anyone in particular. Your response to it was to tell me that “Edenmore is part of Raheny”. I am just wondering where I stated anything to the contrary.
I’ll leave it at that.
Happy New Year!


Because I had used Edenmore as closer to Raheny than Coolock to help make my point, and I was the one who brought up the issue in the first place…

Anyway this is like getting another spouse, drilling one’s own head


and @beeko. I absolutely bow to your superior knowledge. I just always assumed it was Coolock. Wikipedia says it is Raheny….

Now don’t get me started on Kinsealy, Malahide, Swords and the interchangeability therein!


Al recently edited the Wiki reference. :wink:


Poor old killmore being ignored. The poppintree of coolock.


This states that it is within the Civil Parish of Raheny but within the Barony of Coolock (as is Raheny itself).




Won’t be long before the whingey ■■■■■ look for the final to be moved out of Croker.


Now yer upping the anti! Barony indeed, what next, fiefdom?? :scream:


If the game was moved out of Europe Galway still wouldn’t have won


That really hints at a manager and/or team believing he/they are beaten before they even take the field. Mayo, for whatever shortcomings they have, never took to playing Dublin in Croke Park with that mindset in the last 10 or 12 years. They are always able to raise their game in Croke Park.


The only reason the crowd dropped last was that Galway supporters choose not to go, which is their choice, but had Dublin been playing any other county I would say the crowd would have been near enough to the previous year. I mean if they take the semis out what is the point in having the place, for U2 concerts?


Send them down to Mullinalaghta for some lessons in how to beat the big bad Dubs.

Shameful to hear a county like Galway going on like that. Kevin Walsh had no problems playing there in his prime.


This a deflection piece from the recent accusations about the Galway county board :thinking:


Is Edenmore not part of Darndale?


No, Kilmore is.


Kilmore West or Kilmore? :grinning:.

Anyway, Clonshaugh is the Poppintree of Kilmore!


Where were GPA the consulted about the new playing rules in football? Was only when rules were voted in GPA made statement.


Could we agree to play Galway on a home-and-away basis and play the home fixture in Edenmore? (Near Raheny and Coolock!)