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They don’t really generate it, the counties and the structures do - it will happen regardless of which players are on the field.


Is it? I always thought it was Coolock…


It should just say “Northside”, that’s all us champagne drinking, prawn sandwich eating, RDS season ticket holders need to know.


Nope definitely Raheny…


So will the GPA


I support the CPA. I’ll get my coat then!


It’s ten minutes walk to Raheny Village, about half an hour to Coolock Village.


It most definitely ain’t part of Raheny or Coolock for that matter. Edenmore is just Edenmore, Dublin 5.


I thought that too. Miles from Coolock. Beside Raheny in Dublin 5 but completely separate area.


Sure Ballymun is about a two hour drive from Glasnevin village … but it doesn’t stop them …


To be honest, Edenmore is pretty much equidistant between Coolock and Raheny. You are closer to one or the other, depending which end of Edenmore you’re at. I reckon the house in which I was raised was about a 12 minute walk from the Malahide Road/Tonlegee Road junction and the same from Raheny Dart station.
What I will add is that, prior to becoming a parish in its own right, Edenmore was part of Raheny parish.


Stop who? I never claimed the G word, not once!


Beeko, Edenmore is part of Raheny. Its postal address includes Raheny. And I was referring to distance from the shops at the centre of Edenmore to Raheny and Coolock Villages. Next nearest places apart from Raheny to Edenmore are Harmonstown, which is in Raheny and Artane, part of Tonelegee Rd which which is nearer to Coolock Village but part of Raheny, Grange, which is Raheny, Ayrfield which is part of Coolock, and Kilbarrack


Jaysus, Al - I never said it wasn’t part of Raheny.


I suppose it would be, if you were trying to avoid the Mobhi road, and the scoundrels and gurriers who infest it.


All this cause of some lazy Hack from RTÉ, it’s not like it’s the first time they got something wrong.


I doubt RTE were the only ones getting it wrong.
The Irish Examiner’s website also says Coolock. The Irish Times website says Raheny.


It’s funny to look back on the first article posted in this thread in May 2016.


And I just said it was a poorly researched effort from the RTE website, which I felt I had to back up with how much further Coolock village is than Raheny in terms of where the shooting took place, which people have chosen to question. So Jaysus right back at ya!


But your first line seemed to be trying to tell me something in a way you believed I was unsure.
Anyway, another supporting argument (though I could be wrong) is that when AIB closed its branch in Edenmore, I think they transferred any accounts held there to their Raheny branch. As I said, I could be wrong on that.