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Going towards a centre of excellence and development of Dr Hyde Park.
I wonder will they ever disclose how much they got the gaff off the developer for


Will this become 'Commonplace?


Would hazard a guess it was Sean Mulryan and Ballymore Developments who used to sponsor roscommon jersey, if so is say the got it at cost price and he could write some of if off as a charitable donatation. If so more power to them everyone’s a winner, spend €100 a have a 1 in 14000 chance to live mortgage free.


Everyones a winner? Id say there were 13999 losers😂 Fair play to them other counties could show the same initiative rather than whinging


It’s great tbh . And your correct about the developer .


Meath doing it too - copying Feicin’s from Louth who cleverly came out with ‘Own a Feicin House’ sales pitch. Meath Co Board decided to raffle three houses over the next 9/10 months - first one a 3 bed around Navan but have struggled with sales and had to postpone the first draw by two months until the other night. Not sure economies of scale work with this kind of thing.


Guy that won the first house draw in Meath sold himself the winning ticket! Nice bit of luck!


2nd prize was 2 houses in Navan!!!


Its in all their figures - 350k. I believe their link in with Google and Facebook especially, generated huge amounts of revenue. A multiple return on their advertising spend with them.


Worked with this lads brothers back in Boston. Sound bunch especially colm and John. Adopted me as the only dub on the crew. Where trying to get me go for a spar with Sean in a few occasions. Politely declined!


Is there? Apart from the scholarships, I can’t see where the millions they get are actually spent.

They held a rookie camp, which was obviously a one day thing. They had over ‘600 player engagements’ - what does that mean?

The GPA are lads trying to be all corporate and grown up with that great thing of OPM (other people’s money). I am sure they do some good, but I am equally sure the GAA themselves could do the same without the extra costs involved.


Here is where the real problem is. The GPA has been a disaster. It has made the current regime of lunatic demands by egocentric managers the norm by basically being bought off. More demands on players? No problem. Here’s more money,

Except that that is solving nothing.


Your kidding ?? Right?


No! Sold himself the winning ticket.


Why is it OPM? Do they not generate the bulk of it?

Cult of the manager is not the problem of the GPA - it is the GAA’s problem. Usual deflection from the usual source …


It is the GPA’s problem. They have never once, as far as I am aware, requested that less demands be made on players. They just take the money and run


And why shouldn’t they?


I’ll just agree to disagree. Saves the row.


I see where RTÉ website report of a shooting lists Edenmore as being in Coolock, when it is in fact part of Raheny.
Reminds me of when local interests changed the name of Edenmore Road to Springdale.


It’s a ridiculous organization. They have to justify their existence and salaries somehow so they make a big deal out of trivial items. The Gaa pay them a few quid every year to keep them quiet but ignore them on matters of any real significance. They make no difference whatsoever to the vast majority of Gaelic Players lives.

In one of the most obvious conflicts of interest to ever transpire their CEO for a number of years was also an intercounty manager yet no one seemed to mind. As I said, ridiculous.