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We missed two half-chances for goals. We didn’t create enough goal chances, due to their blanket and the fact that our tactics let them do that. Agree with the rest but Donegal’s tactics were very good, they kept their discipline, yes got some breaks, but even before they got the break with the goal they pushed up and kicked three points that got them right back in the game. This also disproved once and for all the mantra that if you got a lead against Donegal and were good enough they couldn’t deal with it.

With the score at 09-06 even if Donegal didn’t get the lucky goal, they were going to continue to play their game as it had already kept them well in touch. Stop us getting goals, which they did because we didn’t create any really clear chances, and eventually with our tactics, they would get a goal that would turn the game into a dog-fight of attack Vs counter-attack, which is what would have suited them anyway.

In other words even if they didn’t get the lucky goal I think they would have beaten us by about 2-3 that day because ultimately a they would have defended a small lead like dogs in the last 10 or less minutes, whereas we wouldn’t have. Their tactics would have worked, ours wouldn’t have drawn them out with 15 or 10 to go even if we were two or three up. We would have needed a goal, which meant we needed alot more patience, and not to concede 3 goals. They knew at all costs don’t let us get a goal and a big lead, or a goal later in the game with them no time to make it up. They always knew they’d get chances on the counter etc when we had to step back at times.

Lack of flexibility with us, and they had enough flexibility (since 2012). Now I admired what Jim and the team tried to do, it was a point of principle and consistency for them, not to back down or be too fearful of playing their game, that was the context of that time for them. They gave it their best shot and didn’t get the breaks. I’ve always wondered though, let’s say we got a goal before them, 6-8 points up, would they have panicked? Or, either way, would they have got a goal back very quickly considering the way we were defending?

We felt the loss of a couple of our key warriors that day, as well as possibly another major player on the field not entirely fit to play his best. Those were big factors too. And the other great imponderable, say we blew Donegal away, what would have happened Vs Kerry?


Its all arguable at this stage, but one thing is for sure, Gavin learnt more than Mc Guinness from that game. Mc felt he only had to turn up for the final, whereas Gavin learnt that sometimes pleasing the crowd with free flowing football is not the best option


Well, in response to those two points: Donegal like in 2011 against Dublin didn’t have the composure or the all-round quality to deal with playing against a team that wouldn’t give them space. And perhaps they also believed their hype.

Don’t think Gavin was pleasing the crowd, I think he really believed in playing that way and that it was the best way for the group of players he had. He had a belief in the way the game should be played and what example to set for the game in the future. Ultimately like any group or team or organisation he then decided he needed to compromise in order to allow his group to get the best out of themselves and impose their style and abilities by not allowing themselves to get ambushed.


It was some lesson alright, he was so pissed off with result he did a four in a row !


Would agree to a large extent but feel we’ve become extremely risk averse, often turning down clear scoring opportunities for no obvious reason bar putting the ball wide.


Could not possibly be as boring as an ireland soccer match.


Or any soccer match. But that doesn’t say a whole lot.


Fair play to Flynner & Co - a lot of great work being done.


That they did not…we should have had at least 3 in the first half…


They weren’t clear or easy chances. Compare to what we coughed up to them for their 2nd and third. Unless my Korsikoffs has advanced alarmingly I recall they always still had two men between our shooter and the goal for our chances.

For Connolly’s best chance, he should have just blasted it/placed it high with power, ala Club Final game, and he was closer to goal too. But Gavin and co must have coached into the lads to take percentage shots or nothing because of all the goal chances we had been missing. So he tries to roll it in with the keeper spreading himself and a defender behind as well.

Understandable though as the tactics regarding attack Vs Donegal especially were to keep it calm and percentage as much as possible (except with the long-range shooting to some extent which was a necessity - even then the positions were worked very carefully, and patiently) so as not to give them the boost of saving big shots or their opponents the downer of missing a fairly good chance from a wild shot.

Anyway, McGuinness, c*nt!!


:joy::joy: The crux of it all


Al’s most concise and articulate sentence ever.


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Fair play to them


Indeed…I wouldn’t normally praise da rossies but this was a very innovative idea. Over 14,000 100 euro tickets sold. I can see this being copied by other counties.


How many luxury buses will that buy them ???