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Some people are just “Bah Humbug” all year round.

Dublin have taken IC football to a level that other counties now aspire to. That’s a good thing, whether other counties get there or not remains to be seen but in their pursuit to get there they’ll be guaranteed to get better.


Especially Liverpool fans. :wink:


Ah the kick long and catch king is back.

It’s no different to Kerry not travelling in numbers until they got to a final - or a competitive semi final - they were going to win so what was the point in travelling.

Cost does come into it , especially with the super 8 format introduced earlier this year - Galway were going to be back the week after the football semi final for the hurling final and that was after two replays - and yes while it is cheaper for us to go to croke park than our country cousins , the cost of living up here is higher so disposable cash isn’t as free flowing one could say.

What standard did you play to Alan if i may ask - spectacle wise it may not look great , but you have to admire the skill levels when retaining possession and making space for options when up against a blanket defense.


IF we meet in next years championship it will be a full house…same if it’s kerry v Dublin.


Why is the standard I played an issue? It was twenty years ago or more. I did play at schoolsmlevel with lads who went on to win All Ireland’s. Not sure what that has to do with anything.

Catch and kick? Maybe not. But how about some kicking and some catching?

There’s little enough skill in a five to ten yard hand pass. And we see about four hundred of them a game.


Reason i asked was the standard played at will generally dictate the pace of the game , lower standard more time to get a hand pass off or a kick pass - higher standard , intense pressure , less time to think work a space and take a shot.

There is nothing as beautiful as a kick pass - the likes of Dermo was kicking in all Ireland finals splitting defences - but there is nothing as frustrating as kicking it and hoping for the best and giving away cheap possession - and the way a blanket defense will line up - its normally the latter that will happen.

The standard a person played at - in my opinion - will give more appreciation to how the game is played now they have been on the field and experienced the hits. one of the best articles i read in recent years was micky whelan in saying a footballer has to be able to able to make the pass without thinking about it , it has to be second nature or else they will get picked off - and pre 2009/2010 we didn’t have those footballers.

The aim of the game is to win , we played the swash buckling football and were picked off in 2014 by Donegal, we’ve learned and had to evolve - i would even admire that Donegal system in 2014 (dont tell jimmy) because the skill and commitment required to tackle to break and then pick off the scores they did could only be admired - their problem against Kerry was they had no Plan B.

Now we have a Plan A B and C depending on the opposition and how they play up against us.

By demolishing Tyrone in 2017 - it forced others to reconsider and try and evolve their games away from lashing 13 lads behind in and around the ‘D’ and trying to break.


Sure it was basketball in the golden era of the 70s - Kerry lads throwing the ball in the net. We got one or two too.


Niall Moyna is some jennet he was part of making college gaa what it is and same with intercounty fitness standards. Never had much respect for the crap he spoutes. He should stick to commenting on fat middle age women trying to lose weight on tv.


I reffed a lot of games this year and the most exciting ones tended to be Juvenile or Ladies. Men’s football has become all about possession and 500 hand passes across the field then back again while the other team just shadows them. I can understand a team winning playing keep ball but you’d expect the team losing to be trying to win the ball back!


Catching the few club championship games in Parnell this year and its easy to see that the lower the skill level the more exciting the game - if you wanted excitement the Ballyfermot and Ranelagh game before the senior final had it in spades - but then then you had a marked step up when the Senior B games and senior A games came on.

Look loosing teams not chasing the ball is madness , it looks horrendous but can you blame the winning team for not engaging in it.


Crokes loss to Mullinalaghta a prime example of what I’m talking about. Two points up with five minutes left and trying to play keep ball. They should have gone for the jugular but fear rules all now. And it cost them.


I wouldn’t say that is fear - it is tactics - they are not the same thing. Bad execution of the tactic cost Crokes - not fear. And bad execution of basic skills too as they did create enough chances to kill off the game but did not take them.


For the 2017 AIF, they could have filled Croker 3 times over.


Saw.yesterday in the paper that the new rules are making the Ulster pre.season thing a disaster.


Jennet, I like that!
Moyna presided over the least entertaining Dublin side of this whole era. Did he not want to watch football at that time either? Doubt it.
Attendances down because Mayo bring huge crowds, last year they had multiple replays, and Dublin never played any team they weren’t expected to beat easily.
The football counties that bring/brought huge crowds to almost every game when they are/were going well are Dublin, Mayo, Donegal, Kildare and Meath.


Moyna’s hypocrisy is astounding but great news that the new rules are causing havoc to the dourness in Ulster. Mickey Whiskers might even retire, and give Tyrone a chance of winning something!


Attendances also possibly down because of the incessant negative media coverage. People are being swamped with negativity about the game, and quite a bit of it us tied into the Stop Dublin Winning Campaign.


Bit of positivity wouldn’t go astray. Hurling fraternity are well able to talk up their game. Look at the darts…tv gold. Market something right and hype it up and people will go to it.


When we get beaten there will be national rejoicing, which is fine and I’ll salute whoever beats us and whoever wins Sam. Most eras where either a great team gets beaten finally or/and anew team breaks through are full of excitement and fervour and capture most people’s imagination.

However what will get my goat is that whoever wins, whatever way they play etc the media are guaranteed to proclaim it as ‘a golden era for football after the dark ages’. Even if it’s a Guru Jim team playing with all 15 and the coaches, ref, umpires and linesmen behind the ball.