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Yep. Sure aren’t Kerry getting about €3 million a year to fund the building of that football team. And apparently it’s nearly finished!! :fearful:


Fixed that for you!!


It will get filled for soccer matches … Let the FAI and media take over


Which soccer matches? They can barely get that for internationals in the aviva.


twas more a dig at liam miller game hence the media comment running it …


This the latest €400m overun in 18mths, not bad even by Irish standards
Childrens Hospital


Gotcha. Bit slow on a Monday me. :joy:

(And every other day - to save dubby the time)


This coont of a thing really makes my blood boil…built in the wrong location…for waaayyyy more that was costed (shocker!!)…and will be the bain of many a terrified parent for a long time…

…ah sure lets all put our sick children on the Luas…

There really are only lunatics running this asylum!!


Plenty of land out beside Blanch Hospital and right beside the M50 but oh no our gobshites don’t make the sensible decision of course they don’t :roll_eyes:


:point_up_2:t4::point_up_2:t4: 100% accurate…

I’ve never heard one compelling argument for the site selected…there is literally no valid reason for it!

Crazy stuff.


Blanch was perfect m50/m3 rail and bus and they decide to put it in James campaign for Leo bollicky bill backed it all the way.


My FIL is in James and the walk from the enterence to his Ward nearly put my MIL in there with him and that was after a taxi, it’s longer from the luas. We got the luas there yesterday it was sardines so Christ knows how they can stick.another hospital there and hope public transport will cope.



YAWN we get it you you’re not the guru anymore and your igo is brused get over it.


Like as not there’s a lot of people beginning to agree with him. At least regarding the inter county game.


Bit of a hypocrite considering he drove the elite GAA athlete more than anyone. The main reason people don’t like the game at the moment are mostly those who can’t stand Dublin’s dominance. Anyone who can’t enjoy this Dublin team should maybe follow another sport.


Yes the ones who dont like Dublin winning. The game is a far better spectacle and standard then it was in the 90s or in the 00s. The gaa continually change rules that seem to be motivated to prevent fast moving football presumably motivated to bring Dublin back to the pack. The one rule change that will make a substantial difference would be to make it a 13 man game, but that will never be looked at as it will help free flowing football.


We’ll agree to differ. Truth be told interncounty football, no matter who is playing, has become stultifyingly boring. Attendances suggest more and more people are beginning to feel the same.


Very hard to enjoy when ye hammer most teams. Dublin play great football but people want to see competitive, intense games.

Neutrals will always get fed up of dominant teams, Man U etc…although I do take your point to a certain degree that because it’s Dublin there is an extra bite…I don’t remember Kerry or Kilkenny domination being as despised.


That’s the point. Attendances suggest nothing really other than there are far more games and people are becoming more discerning. Attendances v Dublin may be down as opposition fans don’t show.