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Thanks. I’d rather perform my own sex change operation with a rusty meat cleaver and a toothpick. :smirk:


The meat cleaver, I get, but what purpose has the tooth pick?


Gone To Carolina In (his) Mind.


If you even have to ask, then you just wouldn’t understand.


I’d rather live in innocence I think!


Well who could possibly have predicted something like this.

What really annoys me is that when it comes to giving out about how much money is being invested or given to the different counties this money won’t be counted. It was clear from the start that this was going to be a white elephant yet it went ahead anyway.


So that explains Frank finally stepping down


Pitch is in a jocker and has to be dug up as well.


Yeah to sum up - Stadium of a capacity that will never really be filled regularly, Pitch is a terrible state, stadium built in terrible location for access and obviously cost way more than anticipated. Well done Cork


Not to mention it’s in a province with 3 other 40,000 plus stadia that will never relinquish their rights to hold big Munster championship games also, so it’ll always have to wait its turn. It was beyond stupid to plough this kind of money into Stade de Franc.


Pitch was always terrible due to its location.




Yep. Building a city on a marsh has certain draw backs.


I was being more precise. :joy:


Never!!! :smirk:


Pitch is below the level of the sewer (River Lee) beside it so will always have drainage problems.
I have been in it few times at differing levels of completion and quite Frankly can’t see were the money has gone into it. A simple example is the provisioning if ducts etc. for services such as electric and fibre, these are all pretty much full up.


Just have to be thankful dublin county board never decided to go off on a major vanity project like this. Cork will suffer for a good while over this and the gaa person parachuted in will make sure the debt is no1 to be paid off above anything else.


But it’s also a symptom of the ills in this country where you are ripped off at every possible turn. They are trying to build a conference centre down there too and the cost is astronomical. The Jeanie Johnston was built in Tralee. Originally costed at €4.5m the end price was €15.5m with the good old taxpayer providing €13m. Horrendous project management but naked greed also. Something we are unfortunately very good at.


Agree we never seem to be able to get value for money on major projects…