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Interesting take on things.



Good aul Woolie…


bright wooly not is too


More wally than wolly


Good analysis from ROG there


O’Gara was never one for hiding from the truth, in fairness.


I don’t believe it is the truth . Mayo are two players short up front . Mental strength has nothing to do with it


Fair enoughski.


Personally I think the whole mental strength debate at sport ( not at life) is over-rated


A lot of it is just not being good enough.


Darth Ger is on Woolys podcast.

Theres a combination that will blow a few gaskets.


Exactly and Mayo don’t have the forwards . Dublin under performed in both games and still won . Mayo could fall over the line this year if Dublin don’t improve on last year and Kerry don’t push on from the league win


You could argue Mayo’s half backs pose more of a threat than their forwards.

Solving the O’Se conundrum would get them home. I think they should get him into the same positions Dublin have aimed for this year with MacAuley, coming onto the ball 30 yards out and wrecking havoc by bulling straight through and then laying it off.


Dublin were maybe ONE forward short throughout the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s, probably two, most of the time. We just weren’t good enough. Exactly like Mayo right now. Is that not the point Rodge is making?


I would have said the introduction of Jayo in 95 was the difference. Not because he was a genius or anything like it but he gave the likes of Redmond/Clarke and Farrell more space because the opposition had to watch him.
Dessie was top class in 95 along with Clarke


And that, my friend, is 100% spot on.


Not saying that it is mental strength in Mayo’s case par se, they are a couple of player short (although I do think the defeats do leave scars), but to say that the mental side of the game, and sport in general, has nothing to do with it is just plain wrong…

Look at the number of talented individuals in sports who never fulfilled their potential relative to their skill levels due to a lack of mental fortitude (John Daly comes to mind, there are many many others). On the other side, you have guys who absolutely maximize their potential through hard work and mental strength (Harrington, talented yes, but a mental warrior).

When it shines through is in the big situations at the end of big games. Cosgrave / COC / Charlie, didn’t miss those frees/penos due to the lack of ability.
Baggio missing a peno in a WC final…Compare that to Pirlo doing a Panenka against England like it was a mess about at the end of training.

It definitely has something to do with it.


John Daly won two majors and several big PGA events . Hardly a failure considering he he’s a chain smoker and could drink Rab Nesbitt under the table


I think P Harrington’s head has been his biggest problem over the years.