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Sad to hear that. On the shoulders of giants…


There was a video going around earlier this year I think of Jim Gavin, having invited Anton O’Toole down to DCU to honour him in front of the current squad. A lovely gesture from Jim and he speaks very highly of Anton and they presented him with some gifts.

“You represented Dublin and to these lads mean so much, you left footsteps in the sand that these lads are trying to follow” … 8 Leinsters, 4 AI’s, 2 National Leagues…


Has he more medals than Mullins ?


I think Mullins has 4


Both have four.


O’Toole is a gentleman though!


100%. And a pure Dublin legend, had the pleasure of watchin him play in the flesh. I saw that video that was goin around of Jim and the lads meetin up with him , great stuff


The WhatsApp video that was leaked?

Heard that Jim himself was less than thrilled about that.


yeah i’d say that’s the one, jim always prefers to do these things on the qt, not one for the limelight


A shit storm from it. Somebody was removed from a group!


Christ they can’t even spell charlatan!


Nice colours though … :smirk:


Christ all that blue and all i can see is his eyebrows.


He was on off the ball earlier , had to turn it off , coudnt stomach listening to him.


He must be a big James Taylor fan. Prize for anyone who can tell us, ‘where he’s gone’?


I mean is this the kind of stuff you right about yourself
" Paul said to Dermot Desmond that he had met me and to keep an eye out for this guy next year. ‘Keep an eye out for Donegal the following season.’ And we kind of had the perfect season."

"He wanted to pick my brain on the back of [team dynamics] after we won Ulster in 2011"
By all means let someone else say it, but to be going around saying it yourself is in line with “Self praise is no praise”


There was massive publicity him moving to Scotland but he seems to have itchy feet since he’s being there . There was massive publicity and hullabaloo him moving to China but he only lasted 9 months there . And now this . He’s some man for self promotion


He would blow himself if he could.


Wouldn’t we all?


Nah I’d be to selfish.


The Mass 'pike?

He composed Sweet Baby James while driving from Boston to North Carolina, to visit his new baby nephew.

What do I win?