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Was just about to post it, the man is so far up his own hole, he keeps on going on about the learning process etc, I mean he is 46 when will he be ready for a serious job. I mean a second tier soccer club in North Carolina, if he came out and said, " Listen I want to see the world and I am going to do it by coaching small clubs around the world" Well fair enough, but to be making out that it is some sort of step along the ladder to greater things, I mean surely Celtic was step ahead of China and China a step ahead of second tier North Carolina football, looks to me the Jim is going down the ladder rather than up.


But this is his first actual main man role as opposed to assistant or youth team. Woudn’t be an obvious route to getting a plum european league job but money must be decent enough


Kevin Cassidy is hooking up with him when Gweedore are finished with the club championship.


I wonder how he will deal with the expectations media will have for access to his players and setup. I don’t know what the situation is with soccer teams, but generally in the states the level of access the media gets to sports teams at all levels is massive.


Nice try! It must be Friday!


I wouldn’t agree, he was a staff member at Celtic, not management. He was management in China and would have been very well paid. Now he is a manager of a club that is being tipped to make the step up to the big league in the US. He has no background in the game and he is making a good go making a career out of it. There are ex internationals who have a lot worse jobs. As regards what he says, I didn’t think he ever claimed to be a superstar manager, he is what he says he is - someone that is growing into the job.

I think fair play to him. He is giving it a go and isn’t afraid of taking a risk.


I think this is very dangerous, and a wee bit stupid. But it is part of a trend I have seen where the home crowd (or those with the majority support) wins themselves up into a frenzy of indignation over the referee. They usually don’t know the rules, so therefore can criticize every decision.

The worst I ever saw was Dublin v Kildare this year at U20 where the Kildare crowd engaged in some sort of mass self delusion that they were being hard done by. A lot of it was due to confusion between the third man tackle rule and three men tackling (I kid you not). They won the game relatively easily, but still gave the ref dogs abuse as he left. I think the ref was right in every single instance for what it’s worth.

But people have to grow up generally at games.


That is really, really poor. To put that in an official report is just not on and I sincerely hope there is a sanction coming - not to mention question marks over his position. Having been at the game I can categorically say that Coldrick did not cost Tyrone the game.

I think that the ref may have cost Monaghan the semi final though - mind you I doubt the Secretary wrote that up. Nor will he mention Mickey fcukin around with the pitch. No, sorry - that was Sky. With this guy as Secretary its easy to see why you get so many incidents and cover ups in Tyrone GAA. Appalling.


I had a look at his report and he also says that |Tyrone were 5-1 ahead When a questionable penalty was awarded to, and converted by, the home side,

What kind of a knob is he?? Home side too - sneering little jibe. Jaysus the usual anti Dubs up in arms yesterday about Costello’s perceptive observations and not a word about this guy wrongly destroying referees in his report - a County Board Secretary???


Bang out of order.
The report, not you.


Why not me too??



Now that’s an offensive Christmas song!


They’re not all attacking players!


What a wicked game you play


I missed the questionable penalty thing. That shows the power of the TV commentary. No one outside of the gobshites commentating on the game questioned that penalty. There were actually 3 different fouls happens in that one incident.


Anton O’Toole not well?


No, hasn’t been for the best part of a year. Cancer sadly


Jaysus. What an absolute bàstard of a disease


Agreed. Picking on gigantic men like the blue panther. Wishing him all the best.