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I’d agree but I’m not particularly fussed about it. I think Croke Park is overused and it has no atmosphere when half empty. I’d have no problem playing a Leinster semi-final in Portlaoise or Nolan pk. Or an All-Ireland semi-final in PUC or Semple for that matter.

If nothing else, it would give the begrudgers a little less ammunition.


Season/corporate tickets are sold, however on the basis of All-Ireland semi finals being played in Croke Park, aren’t they?


They are indeed. I think there might be a guaranteed number of 1/4 finals too and Leinster semis could also be included now that I think about it.


McGill said:

"Ultimately, that’s up to counties if they want to bring a motion and there may well be interest out there, I suspect there is in bringing a motion to consider that Croke Park shouldn’t be used essentially for Dublin quarter-finals as a neutral venue," he told RTÉ Sport.

"I don’t think it was for CCC to make that call. The CCC for instance consider for All-Ireland semi-finals that Dublin, in Croke Park, is a neutral venue.

"If the broader association in Congress want to make that decision that for quarter-finals, it shouldn’t be considered a neutral venue then that’s fine, we’ll work with that. But it’s something we felt was a matter for Congress and not for CCC."

Each team in the ‘Super 8’s’ plays one home fixture, one away fixture, and one of the Super 8 games at Croke Park - that. We use it as our ‘home’ fixture. McGill is talking about moving the ‘neutral’ fixture. I don’t agree with this. The neutral fixture is a chance for everybody to play a game at Croke Park. If they are dissatisfied with us playing two games at Croke Park then the ‘home’ game should be the one to move - and to Parnell Park.


Yep. I got mixed up with John Thaw, aka Morse.


Fenton and Sinead Aherne on the longlist for RTE Sportsperson of the year



I always said hard chaw?


Same for me.


We won’t fall out over the spelling :kissing_heart:

But we can agree that it’s not hard jaw


As ever, a consistent voice of reason :slight_smile:


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Dermo the Dolphin


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He is an amateur dolphin.

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Well said! If he was one of our indigenous community people wouldn’t be allowed harass him like that you can bet. :whale:


I don’t know what for … but I blame Jim Gavin.


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Mr. J. Gavin or Mr. R. De Niro! (Inches!)


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