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More likely he wouldn’t know it’s made up and get his legal team to look for royalties.


Marty is a man for all our winters ann summers.

I know what a Marty Party is now too :smirk:





There is one main ‘problem’ in Gaelic football that certainly won’t be solved by rule changes. Dublin’s dominance.


they should the leave the game alone, their the ones ruin’n it with all the changes mainly to combat Dublins dominance. its up to others to get up to our standard, number 5 in that article is a fuckin joke. its more or less takin yer half backs and midfielders out of the game. Leave it be :angry:


In the parlance of our times, I’ll just leave this here…



Wonder how this will be perceived with Flynner getting involved . Another anti dublin avalanche incoming



I have no issue with playing 2 games - or even 3 - out of Croke Park. But I would question the legitimacy of what is being suggested here. It seems that they are talking about moving the ‘neutral’ game out of Croker. Croke Park is a neutral venue for us as far as I am concerned. Now if they want to insist we play our home game at Parnell Park we can do that alright and the coffers can take the hit - so be it. But I would certainly not concede Croker Park as a neutral venue. If that is taken then we might as well move the semi finals and finals out of Croke Park too as they could not be deemed neutral.


Say we will have a strong enough team out for this ,players will want to be a part of it .Whats capacity of navan ?? They are talking about 10k at at it ?,


Apparently this is Fungi who has relocated to Dublin because his main diet of All Ireland medals has dried up in Kerry.


Leave the rules and venue’s alone, Dubs dont really give a ■■■■ where we play, said it before its all about stoppin the drive for 5, a shower of pricks


That’s just some Dubbelin hard jaws showing off


I’ve heard of glass jaw but not hard jaw?

I think the word is hardshaw :wink:


Jack was on OTB yesterday for an interview . Didn’t listen as it’s nearly a 2 hour podcast & they don’t say what time he’s on.


Or John Shaw…anyway, no need to make a dreyfuss over it


Was that not Robert Shaw? :shark: