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ah the b’ould jonnny, I met him once at a protest just off shrewsbury road, campain’n to put a haltin site on the side of wanderers rugby club, the protest passed off peacefully with just 2 local residents complain’n , so the plans are up and runnin and the project should be completed by the end of 2019 . lookin forward to a few drinks and BBQ’s with the new residents the following summer. should be great craic


Sorry but I have to comment, I can’t recall if you said you were or not, but where you at the Div 4 match between Harps and Monica’s in Skerries this year?


No, I wasn’t. And I wouldn’t try to defend anything like this, no matter who was involved.


OK fair enough, I’ll leave it there so




ah bollix… I see Ewan’s is over his emotional turmoil already of not winning sports journo of the year. He is back on line double barrelling the Rugby boys the miserable git.



Knew the miserable fucker couldn’t stay away from that. Have said it before but if begrudgery was an Olympic sport he’d sweep the medals table. Miserable prick


Amen brother. A miserable fucker is all he is. But he tells the truth so he says.


So what’s the problem with rugby?

Over-hyped, only played by 10 countries and it’s not GAA?


Do you mean hurling? And counties …



:joy:How do they get away with that??


‘The MorriGee Dildo’ lol!
The mad duckers


Gosh. This is the Christmas that just keeps on giving, when it comes to finding the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.


Jaysus I’d say that’s very dodgy territory - even using his image holding a product!! Very strange that there isn’t a single comment underneath either. I can’t imagine Marty giving a shout out to WWN the next time he’s commentating on a Deise game!!


What are the odds of Marty Morrisey suing over a piss take article like that? Or threatening to. Or having his solicitors issue a cease & desist order or whatever.

They wouldn’t be great.

He’d expose himself (don’t even think about it Comrade @Dub09 ) to even more ridicule if he did & they know that.

He’s between a rock and a hard place. (Careful now…)


It’s a very hard decision for Marty to make! Hopefully he’s cock a hoop whatever he decides


"Marthy’s face on the business end of the dildo “”


Speaking of which, your AFL4 team (and AFL1) will be stronger next year, with good minors coming through? Relegation shouldn’t be a worry from AFL4, you’d imagine?


Yea should be alright, but this is the age when you lose a few. Rugby has a big part to play there, as does soccer to a lesser extent, the Minor keeper who was on the Dublin minors plays for Home farm or one of those teams and will put soccer before the gaa. But yea, in general, SHOULD be stronger