Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


So he dishes out criticism endlessly and they cries off when people react?


So who broke Ewan :joy:








A teabagging times and The pug. Together at last in a friendly Dublin is the cause of all ills hug. Your the man… no your the man… no your the man.

Just surprised they both haven’t wrote an article blaming Dublin for causing brexit


Put your IT skills to work & try and top that picture :grin:.
The job you did on the mayo lads in Edge of Tomorrow was top drawer :joy:


I presume he got sports writer of the year yesterday?


No. Shockingly, they decided to give it to someone who actually lives in Ireland. And goes to matches that are played here. In Ireland. The country giving out the award. Which would be the Irish island of Ireland.

I know. I was amazed too.


Ah hence the boo hoo I’m not playing … for a while


Never mind all that he’s just off with Puggles and some poor Brazilian sort at the Copa Cabana. Or on the run from some godfather/mother he owes a load of moolah to.




Apparently he wasn’t in Australia that time at all. He was getting his hips done in India.



Thought they were talking about the above image, could have been used for a yes vote in the marriage referendum :heart_eyes:


Don’t 'Knock it!


When he gets married, he should go there beforehand for his stag party. The Mrs should go also, separately, for her Hindu.


This may have been covered elsewhere so apologies in advance if it was , I can’t find it . I’m a newbie sorry .


So they broke the rules. Admitted it. Got punished for it.

They can look after themselves. And let other counties look after their own house. The manager’s attitude is exactly why we’re at breaking point between club and county.


Oh dear