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Might be legal but its still stealing someone else’s work if you don’t pay them for it


agreed. legal but not ethical.


Journalists not being paid for opinions … i can see massed crowds gathering to march.



From what I gather from some lf that the idea is to increase contested possessions, what they are really saying is force players to take the lottery route rather than find their man.


Going to force people to kick into the blanket which will basically mean the blanket is back big time. That simple rule alone will have the opposite effect to what is intended.

Hate the advanced mark as well. Sticking a big unit close to goal and ping the ball to him for a free kick every time he catches it? That is supposed to make the game more exciting?

i have defended football more then most over the last few years but i really fear for the game if they’re going to make attacking play a lottery.


The game is been destroyed with too many changes. That horrible blanket defence almost ruined it, till mainly Dublin rescued it, it’s a simple game been made complicated because quite simply we are dominatin it, I dont think we’d have seen as many changes had Kerry or even mayo :rofl: just doin 4 in a row. no doubt about it their out to stop the drive for 5


With the new kick out rule teams will definitely have more bodies behind the ball. Same with mark on 21 yard line. Dublin get criticised for play keep ball yet the opposition hold their positions and don’t press up. The current rules are fine but gaelic football is polluted by negative coaches. The blanket defence worked for Armagh, Tyrone and Donegal because they had good inside forwards but now crap teams are intercounty and club are using with little ambition of playing attacking football.




By the time they win it again them jox will be down around his ankles :joy:


Or back in fashion…


Our friend Ewan is feeling down. Alan Brogan replies


Nothing like a bit o quality time with his little pug won’t sort out. We made him sad. Though I see his teabagging times Klingon dangle berry mate was in like Flynn to to say #metoewanbaby

At least pug boy writes that shite bag teabbaging times just hovers around on other people’s work.


Oh what a shame Alan didn’t say “make sure you’re back for the 5 in a row.” :rofl:


The victim mentality is off the charts. The man has zero self awareness. A bellend of Nathan Murphy proportions.


And in fairness that’s pretty fucking huge.


Shame no one asks him how his brand of “vile idiocy” differs from…oh let’s say for arguments sake… someone Tweeting that a Dublin player deserves to be stabbed and and someone else - let’s call him a so called journalist, for arguments sake again - liking that tweet. Someone that he would find it hard to ignore, such as another journalist, or another player.

Would be genuinely curious to know the difference. :roll_eyes:


Murphy to be the worst sports guy on the radio was listening to premier league preview last week,Gary Breen was on. Nathan made some bland point as he does, but Gary took exception and savaged him, truly cringeworthy as Nathan tried explaining he “didnt mean it that way” as Gary chuckled.


An arsehole. Plain and simple. If I ever met the man I’d tell him that and also that I’ll light a candle for him so that he can be cured of his arsehole affliction.