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the pic of cora on the cover, she looks very mayo. some people can look “very” much like they are form a county - i had an ex who was very dublin for example (in my mind anyway).

she is a very driven person, the tale of her not being happy with a managers substitutions at a community games thing in mosney when she was 12 or something is almost what youd find in a Roy keane parody biography.


Read this yesterday evening. Very powerful, candid and courageous by Nicole.


So true :joy:


They should get this lad in to look at the master fixtures list …


Sure he’s not from Cubea?


Great article , fair play to her ,very brave to bare her soul like that .


no more of them puns, well mine get deleted but id say ur alright,if yer in the CLICK


Not that I know. Doubt anyone would tell me even if I was



This has got to stop. Life bans for thugs who assault refs or players.
It’s a weekly occurrence at this stage, some ref attacked or a brawl involving players and mentors. Horrible example to our children.


That’s a soccer game just to clarify. Shocking stuff.


Life bans? Fine. But jail time too. Ridiculous.


For the likes of this Alan, jail time yes!


What do the teammates of the offending “player” do? Do they usher him away from the ground/clubhouse before the Garda are called? Does anyone from his club try to look after the referee? Organise treatment? Take him to A&E?
A club that doesn’t cooperate with any investigation by the Garda and/or the sport’s governing body should be heavily fined and suspended.



Do Hoganstand do no reporting at all, only copying and pasting? This article below is from the Kilmacud game, played in Hoganstand’s backyard, their ad is even on the scoreboard, but yet they can only lift quotes from the Examiner.

I do read it, but it’s not fair on the media outlets who actually have to pay reporters to go out and get content


The article in the Examiner is by a freelance reporter, he’s probably sold it to whingerstand as well as the d’paper



I don’t think they pay for stuff. If they paid for this they wouldn’t have had to attribute it to the Examiner


Pretty sure they just lift the quotes from other people’s articles (which is legal) and write a sentence or two around it.