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Well they were very close anyway


Another thing, how the ■■■■ is dean rock constantly overlooked every year .


Did he not get one last year?


He’s a Dub.

Time to move on. The social media outrage over the All-Stars is as boring and pointless as the awards themselves. Let the culchie have their self-congratulory piss up. Next year could be something truly special.


Odd but sure he has his all Ireland medals…that’s all that matters. Seems to be a lot less outrage this year though…maybe if it was a Mayo keeper the outrage would be higher :wink:


Actually the biggest shock this year was that Clarke didn’t get it! Likewise Aido not getting one is very odd. Performances through the year haven’t mattered in previous years so why would they have mattered this year???

Sorry Mayoman I couldn’t resist :grin:


Frank is finally gone


Frank may be gone, but the stench lingers on. He made sure his cronies were appointed to all the important positions within the Co Board. All Yes men (and one woman) as old fashioned & entrenched in their ways of doing things as he is. They won’t give up their power without a fight. The new guy seems to be the modernizing sort. Hopefully he won’t be thwarthed at every turn. A Cork Co Board with their shit together & their woefully neglected underage structures (a big thing with the new guy) better organized, is a scary, scary prospect.


New watering hole for discerning Dubs on Camden St. The owners with just the 8 All Ireland medals between them.

(Yes. I know MDMA & EF have AI club medals too. Apols to the Pedantic Police fer ruining yer fun. :wink:)


Eh? I thought you said there that it was/is all yes men and Frank men (and one woman) in all the important positions?


The new guy was selected with input from HQ’s HR suits. That’s why he got the gig. The Cork Co Board were not allowed get away with proposing one of their own for the role. If they were, one of Franks stooges would have been magically proposed, uncontested. There is no way the new guy would have gotten within an arses roar of the job, if that happened. A few years ago, (in a coaching capacity) he issused a scathing report of Corks underage structures and lack of overall organisation and planning from the top table down. It didn’t go down well in the Cawrk corridors of power. He was very much the outsider on the edges of the their power structures. He’s not now & good luck to him.


Says alot that he got to this stage. But as you intimate, doesn’t mean he won’t get blocked, obstructed, and shafted.


Oh he will. No doubt of that. The cuture down there is unbelievably toxic, even if a new man is in the top job. He seems to have a better knack of not personalizing things though. That’ll stand to him. Donal Og got involved in far too many slanging matches, even though he was 100% correct in what he was saying about Frank and his mob. The new guy seems to be able to get his points across, without burning all of his bridges in the process. Doesn’t mean that the Yes men Frank surrounded himself with - the lads who would have had hopes of succeeding him - won’t have the knives ready and waiting for the new kid on the block 'tho.


Agree … Dean not getting an all star is as big if not bigger omission than clucko …


A riveting game between the Sligo and Mayo champions…

Tourlestrane 0-05 Ballintubber 0-06

Ballintubber show their nous and composure in the finish to eke out a one-point win over Tourlestrane in a bleak-looking Enniscrone.

The Sligo champions had the howling wind at the back in the second period but were finished the encounter with 13 men after Shane Dunne and Adrian McIntyre were sent off.

Ballintubber played keep ball in injury-time to hold out for the win. They play Aughawillan of Leitrim in the semis.




Clucko there, getting an extra chin for every A-I




Cora Staunton promoting her new book , shame she didn’t leave it a bit longer so she could have added the latest chapter in her life in it.


Thats for the reprint.