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It could happen…scary stuff. I’ve seen it happen and I myself was involved in an incident once where a younger team mate and friend was punched in the back of the head by an opponent off the ball…me being closest, I struck the opponent back and got red carded for it. Luckily for him and me, I didn’t break his jaw…even if he did deserve it.


Dermot Connolly got 12 weeks for laying his hands on a linesman , the lad in the trackie does that on the street and he would be done with GBH.


That’s what the minimum suspension was for that infraction. Different in this case.

Could still, and should be done through the court system, but most likely won’t!!


Alan Kerins had a fundraiser in Croker yesterday including a match which featured celebrities and others like Donaghy, Sean Og and Cora. Just wondering how that works in terms of raising money? :thinking:. Anyone have any detail.

And I knew it was a charity thing when I saw this picture … God love them …


So that explains why I could see the floodlights on in Croker when I was on my way home yesterday evening


MDMA was playing for Mayo :eyes:


In tights …


Were they only in ecstasy having a multiple All Ireland winner playing for them?


The picture actually reminds me of the u8 go games during Easter week when they allow the kids to go up the Hogan after the match and present them with a toy cup! :grin:


When I worked in Galway the company bought 2 places on the squad. The raffles them off and two folks got to go to croker play and get pissed.


I think Cora has more All Ireland’s? :wink:

It was a Cork v Mayo charity game for the Alan Kearns Africa project. Sponsored by Mayo owned Corrob Oil. I seen adverts where you could buy in and play for Mayo etc…was mostly done through companies.

Big ball then in Croker last night…seen a video of Rory Stories there…well done to all who got involved.


Fair play.


The Jude’s lad and others will be happy to know that €16 of their match ticket goes straight back into the GAA …


I’d gladly pay €20 to watch my club in a Senior county final. Sadly, I don’t see myself parting with that €20 anytime soon.


It’d take a far bigger bribe than that …


Ain’t that the truth. Some clubs can afford them?


Absolute disgrace this , if that was my son would have him report the scumbag to the gardai.

The video is up on you tube of the incident plus the pic at end of video


And the guilty party got off on appeal. You couldn’t make it up.