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John Bruton’s happiest day ever (since the last time he met some royalty)


Rochey asleep on the job again …


Jim McGuinness licking himself like a melting 99 on Off the Ball podcast.

Haven’t listened to it yet but it’ll be great to hear again what a fantastic manager he is because he bet Dublin once.


i missed that bit, but i heard all about how he - sorry - celtic, with his help, were getting better all the time. I assume he was on because of the launch of the sky GAA coverage or something.


Celtic only need one more goal to hit the 100 League goals for the season. Jim obviously brought his attack minded tactics to Celtic Park …


Was going to listen to it but even I have my limits , delete …


Wise choice.

He is going to be even more fantastic as a soccer manager. He has 65% of his revolutionary soccer manifesto already written.

Slagging aside, fair dues to him, he’s carving out a career for himself.


What a pic! Definite award winner!




Looks like Galvin is standing in front of a very large outdoor urinal …


Where’s his mop and bucket ?


Looks like he’s on his way home from Oxegen.


… also known as Castlebar.


Galvins logotype is poor like what the ■■■■ was he thinking?


Is that supposed to resemble a Nike swoosh or something ?


I dunno what it represents.


I understand it represents Man’s existential crisis of being.


I wonder is John Malkovich going to play Paul Galvin being Aidan O’Shea?


The line out of Platoon… the only one that can kill barnes is barnes. That applies to Aido. The only one that play Aido is Aido. Telling it will be the best irish movie since the Commitments and Into the Whest.