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Anthony Tohill’s youngfella off to Australia




Ha! :grinning:


Ok. I just gave you your 10th like.

Pony up a new Aido’s Diary chapter now so. Good man.


McDaid will be big boost for Galway


Have you seen him play?


He looked really good with Galway u-21’s


Another bust up, this time in Kerry


Never looks pretty and it needs to be cut out, but all they were really doing was pushing and shoving, I mean imagine a real fight between 15 or 20 youngs lads. Not condoning it, just saying that it is hardly worthy of making the headlines.


Check out the older lad around the 9th second ,looks like part of the setup , that will make the publicity.


As I said it shouldn’t happen, that lad was sneaky alright, but I saw somebody on twitter throwing it up as an argument against Brolly for his article against MMA, I mean for the amount of pushing and shoving and all you see is one clear dig and the lad that did it should get and more than likely will get dealt with.


On 15 seconds a lad in a red top throws a snakey boot into the bloke on the deck, he could be in a spot of bother.


You should look at it closer


Yerra only a bit of divilment. No suspensions needed. It would only require an investigation if it was in Dublin or the north. Nothing to see here! Yerra (twinkle in eye, etc).


Looked at it a few times, the lad that threw the dig was out of order and deserves to get a good ban and as I said it should not happen, but still think it was very little more than pushing, pulling and dragging.


Yerra nothing to see here move along as the Kerry man would say


more fellas in there separating than fighting. Punch on 9 seconds only thing that really looks like anything. Sure its the supporters down that way that are the animals not the players


Good spot, it was as much a stamp as anything. Cowardly.


8 weeks for your man is crazy. People have been killed by punches like that.


Enda McGinley said this after one of the recent fights in Ulster