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He can’t answer you right now. He’s…ahem…busy.



Horan should target league final and win Connaught. Has a honeymoon year. Win Connaught and be in a super eight with no Dublin or Kerry, and Mayo should have no fear of Ulster opposition so path is there to a semi final and godhood.


He already is a god. But its the roman god system where theres lots of gods not like the one true god belief system because that just wouldn’t work with the O’C’s and the O’S’s.




At last year’s semi…Anto Finegan was interviewed at pitch side.

He was there as a guest to raise awareness for motor neurone disease. He was strapped in his wheelchair with his daughter beside him.

When asked who he fancied to win…he said he’d have to go for Tyrone being from Ulster. Anto’s daughter said Dublin.

Seen a few articles afterwards about how Dublin came up to raise funds for him. Got thinking maybe that’s where she got her fondness for them.

Also read an article recently from Joe Brolly. He was at a game with Anto and his daughter held his straw as sipped a pint. Very sad.


Saw Joe Brolly outside a pub in town on the day after the final. He had enough time for everyone and especially for one lad who was clearly disabled in some way. The people outside the pub all sang the Sunday Game theme


Yeah I don’t think it’s a case of Jim G getting credit or not.

He’s not the type of manager who puts himself out there. Doesn’t create controversy or headlines. Doesnt jump on the sidelines. Doesn’t give his world opinions to journalists.

People talk about Dublin football team or the players…but never JG other than to say the success he’s having.

When he retires I can almost imagine him fading into the background. Doesn’t seem to like the attention.


Who’s the writer?


Journo for The Sun, the Irish version.


Wouldn’t wipe my hole with it !!


A Vinnie’s man?


No idea.


Wonder would the pug lover weite about this.


Fair fucks to him. If it’s spent well them good luck to them.


I wonder will our country cousins say that about Bertie with all the media cover in the last week in how he secured funding for Dublin GAA. Like ■■■■ they will.


They prob wont , but such is life.


Limerick team photo for the Xmas market, complete with Santa Claus … JP front and centre!!


From John O Donoghue on twitter.
Think we all would agree with this


Dont agree with 9, it only applies to Dublin.


Correct. It’s never said about anyone else but ourselves