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The age profile of the Mayo squad is not especially old when you look deep. Moran, Higgins, Seamus o Shea and Boyle would be ones who would be very close to retirement and past their best though with still something to offer - we have plenty of those players also

The next group are in the late 20’s and would probably still be at their peak on paper ( though some of them like Aidan o Shea may not ever hit any peak ) if injuries and form hold up .

Key for Horan is getting those players back to their best and finding additional midfielders and forwards who actually make a positive impact - they were very stale last year.


Speaking of the Mayo CB

Hope JP asks Mayo for his 100k back if they don’t sort this out


They’re a serious mess of a county board



Some cranks will have spat out their cornflakes at this article. Naming no names…




Ordered this yesterday, was this not supposed to be out last year or somthing like it ???


Super article !!!


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Nice to see this in print media.

JG has maintained a relationship with Anto & St. Paul’s since the chatrity game in Ravenhill in 2014. A lot of his visits & work receive very little coverage.

One of the reasons Dublin are popular among Antrim GAA is down to him.


You won’t hear ‘die-hard Glensman’ Up The Dall talk about that…


Daller is no longer a Glensman.

He went over to the dark side.


The North has a not dark side? :wink:


Well, let’s say there are varying shades of darkness.


50 Shades of Grey?

Ooh err Matron !


Touching yooouuuu-oouuu, touching meeee-eeee…!!!



Isn’t that the truth…

Right Ewan?


Yer cracking me up with these. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


That’s rough


Great manager and he is rarely in the limelight which is the sign of a good manager. Let’s his team on the field do the talking. Ye are lucky to have him.