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Not the sort of cutbacks I’d like to do on them.


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Looks like Little Jimmy Horan: Part Deux is about to ohfeeshally kick off in Mayo. Solan has withdrawn his name from consideration.


An opportunity to stop the 5 & end the famine .
How could he pass it up !


Wouldn’t be surprised to see Solan now join Horan on his ticket.


Little Jimmy is getting loads of CV’s with a kind folk wanting to help end that hunger. We are doomed I tell yis.

Though on another note how will little Jimmy manage his hundreads of media appearances every week?


Interview with Mannion on the GAA Hour .
Not Wooly but the other lad Doherty .
Interesting stuff about his lack of fitness starting in the league in '16 & then completely turning it around .


No surprise here…was always going to be Horan. Will be interesting to see who his backroom team is.

Roll on 2019. First championship away day will be fun anyway


Really, why?


Well when the choice was between Horan and Solan, the smart money was always on Horan. The county board should probably have preferred Solan as he would be easier control. I think Horan is a stronger character right now for the board and indeed the dressing room. I think Solan will manage Mayo in the future though.


Delighted if he gets it, they’ll win ■■■■ all next year, but i’d say the final decision if he gets it or not will come down to big elbows o shea, his 2 brothers and he who shall not be named


I took from your previous post that it was always going to be Horan regardless of the competition, thanks for the clarity. Do you know the names of all the applicants or how many there were, is it posted anywhere just curious.


Horan and Solan were the only two names put forward. It’s known McGuinness and Jack O Connor were approached but nothing became of it.


Is getting a bit boring that argument and I’ve seen it many times today. As for winning F all…winning Connacht would be a start.


According to RTE radio sport news at 11pm tonight, only 2 candidates solan and horan and solan pulled out. Not much of a decision to be made by the county board then if that’s the case. Personally think there is something unsavoury permeating through mayo gaa and it’s not going to be addressed in the short term. If horan doesn’t win Connacht and it’s a strong possibility, I reckon there could be an implosion in the county. Just my assumption.


How things are perceived and how they really are can be light years away. Outside Mayo, people live the conspiracy that the O’Se’s et all are running the show but it’s simoly not the case.

We all know a core group orchestrated the heave against Connelly/Holmes but to suggest that they are now behind every decision in Mayo GAA is incorrect.

Imagine people like Donie Buckley sticking around where players are running the roost, imagine such a team getting to all Ireland finals on numerous occasions with players we keep getting told aren’t good enough…weight it all up and it doesent make sense or seem logical.

People are looking (and hoping) for something that isn’t there…as for Mayo GAA imploding, I am sure there are plenty of you that would love that but as long as I can remember people outside the county have been saying that.


We haven’t need to look hard for that :wink:
Looking forward to seeing ye down the road next year !


FFS Aido relax … just relax …


Imploding? Am looking forward to more big contests and dramas from yis in the next year or so anyway. Have serious doubts about Horan being able to get back to where things were in 2017 or even 2014 though. So declining may well happen. But as you say, winning Connaught again would be something and perhaps dispensing with excuses for not challenging better in the league.
Acid tests for Horan will be the ability to drop cult figure players based on form and team cohesion etc, and to bring through other lads. He was also responsible in part for allowing huge hype, can he turn that around or will it still be the same old one-off ambush in a game where Mayo are underdogs, followed by huge hype?


Horan is a shrewd operator who will not be expecting immediate results - nor can he or the board!! There is a serious need for rebuilding (a new midfield required, plus some elusive forwards that they have been looking for for a while now!!) - a time now for blending some of the experienced players with some new faces fro the more recent U21 seasons, and those previously overlooked.

He, having experience of the club scene, should be in a good position to know what players are out there. I personally like the man and you can be sure that he will not take the job unless he is given full autonomy and an assurance of no interference from the board - something that appears lacking for the last while!!

As for the Breaffy mafia - this has been seriously over-egged on here, some in jest, some not. You can be sure that Horan will not have any place in his squad for ego’s, as can be seen with his dropping of Conor Mort from the panel - despite the views of many within the county and outside.

I am sure that this is more of a project than an immediate fix or plaster over where they are at the moment. James, if given the job!!, must feel that there is some potential within the players in the county. He would not take it otherwise, given his demanding job, young family, various tv, radio and paper nixers.

I wish him well if he takes the job.