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Ya bould thing Mossy … :joy:


Great gesture by JP, hope Co Boards ensure it goes to Juvenile Section in every club.


Agree fully. Buy hard equipment. Balls and bibs etc!


Nonsense. Put it behind the bar and have a lock-in.


That’s a lot of soft drinks, would be weekend bender…


Sugar free though - otherwise they’d wreck the gaff …


Fcuk that, throw in bags of skittles as well…


Yeah why not - and a clatter of vuvuzuelas … JP - you’re an awful man


He learned about currency trading from Joe Lewis who is a major investor in spurs .


And Meanies and Monster Munch!


Yeah but revenue say he hasn’t paid a red cent himself in twenty years. His drawings and personal income from his Irish businesses are all tax free to him so. I’m sure if he was tax resident the amount payable would be muliples of what the businesses pay.

Anyway it is a great gesture and I’m hardly going to say they shouldn’t take it. Fair play to him.


Keep them for ourselves, no point wasting them on kids…


I wonder has Bitter in Brazil worked out how much 100k equates to per registered player in each county? Surely this is financial doping for Leitrim, Longford, etc. #NotFair


What on earth is Tomas Quinn moaning about …


… fishing expedition …




I think twas an attempt at the lowest form of wit…sarcasm


To long away chief.


Doing a lot of driving this evening and noticed that the boilers seem to have a lot of filler at the top of each hour tonight, including playing a long montage of agusta masters highlights straight from you tube!



Sounds like an improvement to me!