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Same club as the Connellys?


Dublin county board recieve more money from club members than,than they do from either GAA or AIG. You will never hear that from any journalist.


Correct sir


JP McManus after donating 100k to each CB in the country


JP is some man. Can’t be underestimated how much that 100K will be especially welcome in the smaller counties.


A glut of spoofer managers on the way …


Only buttons to Mayo … :wink:


Will the money go to where it’s supposed to go though …


Our board don’t deserve it the way they carry on.


Fair enough €25k for Galway, rossies, Sligo and leitrim


Huge boost to likes of Fermanagh clubs with around 22 clubs. €5k a piece. Less so in cork at €500 each.

Fair play to JP.

I wouldn’t be one to suggest ideas to him but thinking that in a lot of counties, it may be spread so thin that it’s half a set of jerseys.

Him Being a hurling man, I’m thinking if he’d approached CP and asked him to match the 100k over 3 years to fund hurling development officers in all the McDonagh cup counties you’d have seen big pay back.


Less than 500 each in Cork. Closer to 384 each


You can get a nice bus.


It’s nice, but I would much rather he paid taxes.


My understanding is that with his main businesses based overseas, he pays relevant taxes there (a mirror image of what google, Apple and co do in reverse here). He returns/lives here compliantly the 185 days he is allowed as per tax code.
On any local businesses here…adare manor…he’s be major tax contributor on employee prsi, vat etc etc


Actually didn’t realize it was going to he clubs…brilliant. 2k will be a big help.



McManus is a very generous man. His donations are always to the grass roots. Mostly to limerick causes but his head is in the right place . Never seizes to amaze me how McManus made so much money as a gambler in both horse racing and currency but he obviously was pretty good at it.


Better even than Bertie …


He’s up there with Biff from back to the future 2