Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Haha good lad , sure she’s the most distressful organisation you have ever seen, they’re ridiculing men and women for questioning Dublins unfair team.


You keep singing it bud, the audience has long since left the room. Try two tickets for it’s a cringefest. full of like mindless people, where you get boxes of crayons to nibble on and pats on the back enjoy.


No Fund Raisig. But we do a lot of Cup Raising in the winter :hugs:


Fundraising??? Fundraising is for losers .GAA gives us all the money we want .


And de gubberment. Great bunch of lads. :+1:


And all our sponsorship partners. Queing up to be associated with brand Dublin GAA


Wish we had a centre of excellence though … like nearly every other county. Or a state of the art gym like Kerry. And our own 25,000 ground. Alas … we have nothing. Only Sam …


Don’t know, but they do it. There is a friend’s of dublin football group who organise things they have a website you can check out. You are missing the whole point of why DCB decided to go for partnerships as opposed to fundraising though.
Besides - what is the difference in how the money comes in? Is Dublin unique in having sponsors? Red bull is the official energy drink for Galway for example one of the world’s biggest brands.

And anyway, Mayo outspend Dublin on their football team so raising the dough isn’t a problem for you. Perhaps MCB can spread their gospel?


There’s a lovely 100,000 ground across the road from Inisfails. They’re all dead mind you, but it’s a ground none the less.


Our spending would have been down this year due to our early exit. Logistics and transport costs are huge whenever Mayo go all the way to. Final for obvious reasons.


Worse than the attack on Cavanagh absolutely despicable…




Sure if we built a stadium they’s all be crying “oh such a waste of funding and monument to hubris when they already have a stadium there they can use!”


Would love to know the actual details of all this so-called “fund-raising”. That might soften the various coughs in Mayo, Kerry, Guruland etc.


I’m not talking of this year. Mayo spend more on their football team then we did last year and on a level most years recently.

Yes I know about extra matches, travel etc - but the point is you raised it.

Some seem to think getting millions from a benefactor is better than an insurance company.


If you were to believe the general media narrative regarding Dublins finances ie financial doping huge funding sponsors etc, you would think Dublin are like Man utd and the rest are like Bray wanderers. The reality is that in terms of income and spending there is lttle difference between the top 8 counties finances.


It’s the “creeping professionalism” that some in the gaa hate. Being totally dependent on the local businessman and giving him backhanders is fine. Having sponsors frowned upon and commercial partners anathema.

Oh BTW there was a big report on the ersi thing yesterday on Sunday sport. Esri official said there is no evidence that not being able to best Dublin (etc) is a factor in people giving up senior intercounty. Overwhelming reason is ones own work and life demands.


Most of the funds was raised through supporters. True we have a number of US and UK based mayo people who contribute…many counties have wealthy ex pats who help out.

I could imagine the uproar if JP McManus was a dub :wink:


That’s not true or it’s a very very loose definition of supporter. Post a few figures there for clarity. Is a supporter your average game attendee or is it a business making a donation.


Was there myself…no my club didn’t make the quarter finals (Hollymount/Carramore).

Westport had the man advantage and chances alright and will be kicking themselves. Colm Moran corner forward impressive for Westport.

Matthew Ruane good at midfield for Breaffy until sent off. Hard to see Castlebar being beat unless Ballintubber stop them next.