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Co Board Secretary just resigned. The findings of a wide sweeping financial audit are about to be released & they’re supposed to be quite damming. Not sure if skullduggery is afoot, or it’s the just the usual bog standard, woeful incompetence that’s usually all Dublin’s fault. :roll_eyes:


Probably just dublins fault.


Maybe as the GAA try to even out games dev funding across the country they should give Dublin everyone’s money and ask the DCB to manage it for them!! :slightly_smiling_face: Because most of these counties sure aren’t capable of doing this properly themselves. It’d be for their own good like :grin:


Well that’ll be Spewan’s angle anyway


That might not be a bad idea. John Costello’s chislers piggybanks are probably better looked after than most county boards.

Amongst the early leaked snippets are proceeds from fixtures not being lodged to a bank account until 3 months after the actual matches.


Amongst the early leaked snippets are proceeds from fixtures not being lodged to a bank account until 3 months after the actual matches.

A shed had to be built. Wasn’t the money there when it was supposed to be there?
There’s nothing to see here folks. Move along now.
Hookery going on? I don’t believe it. Some people have fierce mad notions.



More trouble up north


An agenda against Derry as well probably…

Oh and speaking of Ulster Football



They be saying next despite the 26 cards it wasn’t a dirty game :slight_smile:


Was it not 27?

I suppose once you get past 20, it’s easy to lose track. :roll_eyes:

The Edendork statement was hilarious. It’s one thing to be annoyed if a players name gets blackened by people implying that an accidental collision was a deliberate act of violence. If it was just your bog standard game, fair enough. But c’mon now. 26/27 cards were handed out. Their outrage that people initially put SC’s injuries down to a bust up during the game, or a part of a wider problem in the game seems just a tad over the top.


I see sports joe ( Conan) and wooly are praising the Laois manager as a genius !!! . He has organized a trials competition dividing the county into north south east west ( excluding county champions players). Did nt Pat Gilroy do the same when he was football manager.


Surely they will split Portlaoise in 2?


Their players are left out as county champions. He knows enough about them already it seems.


Or they’re be in Leinster club championship when Trial competition matches are on.


Port and laoise . That’s wasn’t too hard in the end :blush:


It already is. Men’s and Women’s. :wink:


No excuses for hitting the ref after a game - I hope the culprit gets what is coming to them which should be a jail term


Yes good idea , in Mayo we need to do a lot of fundraising though . As a matter of interest how much do Dublin gather through fundraising events every year ?


Someone has rolled back the rock and here we go again for fuukez sake. Money, travel, hurt, a curse, pain, meanness, sympathy just poor victims. The same broken record on repeat no shame no surprise. It’s football and your through to the 4 in a row champions not the bleeding heart society get with programme and redial s.a.d.o for all your delusional needs.