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A Kerry supporter on a Kerry forum really likes popular recently retired Kerry player.

Shocker! :joy:


It was the utter delusional element of the comment smarty pants, that and many others.

And furthermore Donaghy feeds it himself in his interviews. Here he says about having to stay out on the pitch at the end this summer because of all the adulating fans, admits he was hiding from the dressing room, yet almost in the same breath we are reading all his fans talk about what an ultimate team player he was, everything for the cause. Me bollix! He should have been straight into that dressing room with his team in their real hour of need, sharing their worst championship outcome since 2010, supporting the youngfellas. Then come back out on the field after. Instead the team all had to wait for him. And if that Hail Mary hadn’t wafted over in the 2011 final would people be calling him such a great ‘team player’?

Harking back to 2006 and the Mayo games in 2014, if only football could always be like that, lamp it in. Complete lack of acknowledgement of the fact that players like him have been played off the park by the best backs in most of the biggest games since 2008. Slags off the standard/style of football now, as if his own team were slinging over points from distance on a regular basis if at all in the biggest games, and they didn’t even have to play the two best teams.
Still whining about the non-penalty in the 2015 final, “dragged down by the neck” when he clearly backed into McAuley and did his speciality dive to try to get the penalty. Gives ROC no mention except one about wrestling on the ground. Delusional about the fact he was only in the team so long because Kerry were desperate and had to resort to neanderthalball.
He is one of the main people who dragged Kerry football into the dark ages over the last 9 years and its laughable that they are so deluded about him, more so than how deluded he is about himself, mainly all because Mayo, Dublin and Donegal all capitulated with stupid defending in three games in 2014.


Will you never learn Rashers :grinning:


One of my favourite memories of Dorothy is of Flynner beating him to a high ball towards the end of the game 2013, clearing the ball and then turning to him and giving him the fists up and some gip. This happened I think just before Clucko soloed out and was fouled by Maher?? Who got a 2nd yellow and red card.


There was a few lads involved in that !


Never to be forgotten !


Will you never learn Panther :yum:


Panther seems like a reasonable poster .
Couldn’t possibly be me :yum:.
But the length of rashers posts point directly in your direction , keep up the good work :wink:


Gilroy is goin for the mayo job , that’s why he jacked with the hurlers


Not me Kemosabe, life’s not short enough as Stan Laurel said. They’re all idiots to be spending valuable time over there, never going to be taken seriously or get a reasonable point about the Dubs across, which is fair enough, but that Panther is something else, lickarse. :yum: Sincerely hope it isn’t you.


Yep he did, and it was absolutely pivotal in that game. Donaghy didn’t save the say like he did for them on many other days. But, I see Flynn tweeting a very respectful retirement message about Donaghy too the other week.


Flynn wasting no time becoming the wiley politician he’ll need to be in his new role as GPA CEO :wink:

I think you’ll see plenty more of those type of tweets!


Players know each other and off the field relationships can be different to what the public perceives. Lots of inter county players in 3rd level teams together. Flynn shared a house with Michael Murphy and Aidan Walsh. Remember Johnny cooper consoling rob hennelly in 2013 , they had been friendly enough in DCU.


Yep, I think there is too much read into on field stuff some times. Players have a lot more respect for opposition players then fans tend to have.


Exactly, a lot are good friends. Whelo and DOSE are.


Presume there’s an agenda against Cork as well…


who said that, #2345

Language is powerful in such spheres and those speaking out need to be careful for, without evidence given to relevant authorities, they have no right to so lazily flash certain sentiments about.


@LtAldoRaine about @DUB09


Some serious fit about to hit the shan in Galway apparently. Trouble a’brewin with the county board finances.


Do tell