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Well there was that time he got the cornrows…a la David Beckham circa 2003.

That’s about the extent of it really


Anybody recall Gift Grub doing Morgan Freeman doing a preview of the Mayo-Dublin semi-final a couple of years ago?


You sure it was Dublin v Mayo and not Dublin v Kerry?


Nope. It’s in this link to a show in August 2015, scroll down to the reference and play the bit that’s under that. Classic!


Grand so, just makin’ sure you weren’t getting complacent about yer Gift Grubs. That would never do :wink:


Hoganstand, while it is a useful source of info, is very bad at accreditation - it has got into a bit of trouble recently on that. Worse though is that it has dubious enough sale of advertising practises. It is the same crowd that do a lot of the counties yearbooks and they sell advertising on the club pages with a bit of a suggestion that the clubs benefit from any ad you might take out. It isn’t said outright, but the suggestion is there. If anyone is approached like this - just be warned that the club doesn’t get anything from any of those ads that accompany any articles about them,


Not before time that they got caught out, they’re the pits!


This Is interesting i thought.


It is interesting, but strange, that one of the first forays into the public sphere by the CPA involves them commenting on the one thing that they by definition are not involved in.

Obviously the inter county championship effects club players, but the structure of that competition is no particular business of the CPA.


Of course it’s their business . What a silly comment . It directly impacts the organisation of club fixtures under the current model


And so the debate just dies or disintegrates into childishness…the basis of this whole discussion forum thing still eludes some…


In fairness how could they not be impacted by the volume of games at inter county level in terms of scheduling club fixtures? Maybe answer the question rather then evading it.


Another yerra joins the media. Gooch is to be a pundit on the
Sunday Game. InteInteresting if he’s on the same time as Brolly


Colm’ll have to wear an anorak if Marty (loves a Gooch wankathon) Morrissey is in the vicinity… .


I’d say Stepho was morto when he dropped her! God love him but he moves with about as much rhythm as me …

Can we expect to see him in that sequined top with AIG on the front this Summer??


Nah , he didn’t panic, just stuck with the process. :wink:


Just Deano to go … no pressure there from your clubmate lad …


Cody unveils secret weapon for Championship …


Phil Hogan wetting his pants in the background.

Be careful there, Mr Windsor. Many an Irishman was shot dead for less.


Would imagine John Bruton was nearby.